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Businesses need to ensure they are doing their bit for the environment by reducing their carbon footprint and making this clear for customers to see. By playing your part, not only can you feel great about your business but you can also expect customers to hold you in higher esteem than other less eco-friendly companies. There are many alternatives to consider when it comes to operating your business; continue on to discover a few of them.

Choose Materials Wisely

If you are planning to refurbish the office, it is important to choose biodegradable materials that have been obtained from a sustainable source. Cutting corners often reduces the green credentials of the materials used, but knowing your work space has been put together ecologically is worth the slightly higher cost.  Shop around for your furniture and your flooring as companies will be able to supply environmentally friendly items at reasonable prices.

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Change your Settings

Many computers now come with energy saving options so take the time to switch all of your office computers over to this setting. In addition, make somebody responsible in each department for checking computers have been shut down fully at the end of the day and not left on standby. This is worth doing not only for eco-friendly reasons but also to drive down your energy costs.

Green alternatives, green shelter

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Alternative Energy

Solar energy has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and now represents a fantastic alternative to traditional energy sources. Whilst larger industrial properties may struggle to power the premises fully, smaller premises could run entirely on solar energy. Government schemes are in place to help with the cost of installation so it’s certainly worth finding out what you would be entitled to. Going solar is a fantastic selling point and you can be proud to shout it from the rooftops for all existing and potential customers to hear, perhaps in the form of the e-shot.

Reduce Paper Use

Going paperless can be difficult depending on the nature of your business, but swapping to recycled paper from a sustainable source and finding ways to reduce the amount you use can be really easy to achieve. If you send out promotional material through the post, consider swapping this to email format; billing can also be done in the same way. Use online documents backed up by a server instead of filing physical documents away and you will soon see the difference it can make.

There are many small and big changes that a business can make to improve their green credentials and in turn save money, so why not evaluate just how green your business is and see where there is room for improvement?

Sophie understands the importance of making sure a commercial setting is as green as possible which can be done through reducing the amount of paper used and choosing Ecotile industrial flooring as it is environmentally sound.

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