More and more people are deciding to change to eco-friendly cleaning products in their homes and it’s not hard to see why. It may cost you a little extra, or the products may be slightly harder to come by, but the benefits of using green cleaning products are massive. Cleaning companies now offer a green cleaning service and they are finding that it is increasingly popular with clients who want clean houses but not at the expense of their health, or the planet. Here are some top reasons why green cleaning will benefit you and your household:

Your Health Will Benefit

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Traditional cleaning products use very harsh chemicals, some of which are linked to certain cancers, asthma, and other health problems. By switching to green cleaning products you are limiting (and sometimes eliminating altogether) the harsh chemicals. You and your children will be far better off without all these horrible substances lurking in your household and being absorbed into your skin. Add to this that there will be far fewer toxic fumes in the house from your cleaning products, and it all starts to make a lot of sense doesn’t it?

Your House Will Be Safer with Green Cleaning

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Traditional cleaning products are so strong that when they come into direct contact with the skin, they can burn. They are also very dangerous to the eyes. Parents are continuously worrying about young kids getting their hands on strong bleaches and detergents – they can cause a lot of damage. If your kid gets hold of a green cleaning product, their health will be at far less risk.

It’s Not Always More Expensive

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Some green cleaning products can be slightly more expensive than traditional methods, however there are homemade concoctions that you can make yourself, out of ingredients found in the cupboards. Vinegar has always been known to be an amazing cleaning agent, as is olive oil and lemon juice. By avoiding the supermarket brands and getting creative with your cleaning you are learning lots about how to clean without damaging your health, your pocket or your planet. You’ll know exactly what has gone into your cleaning products and your mind will be at rest, knowing that you are not poisoning your children with damaging chemical traces and fumes.

Your Conscience Will Be Clear!

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We all like to do our bit for the planet, and there is no better place to start than your own home. By using green cleaning products you are reducing your carbon footprint, and you’ll inspire your friends and family to do the same. It is getting easier and easier to live a green life, with recycling being more popular than ever. The next step is to empty out your cleaning cupboard and fill it with environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

We all have a duty to our health as well as to the planet to live in an environmentally-friendly way, and cleaning your home without using harsh chemicals is a great step forward. Have a look online at the range of eco-friendly cleaning products that there are on the market – you’ll be amazed!

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This post has been contributed by Joan Sanders, an employee at New York Housekeeping, which is a cleaning service provider in Manhattan. Being tech savvy, she enjoys experimenting with gadgets.

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