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Saving power or energy is always a major concern. Whether its a car or a home, we are always looking for ways to save electricity and hopefully save some money. And when these options include green solutions, then how cool is that?

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In a world of ever evolving technology, any equipment that saves energy is like a magic wand, and when we dare to talk of an electric bicycle , we could almost trip over ourselves. But what is an electric bicycle?

The e-bicycle

An electric bicycle is a regular or normal looking bike,but with an electric or battery operated motor. These units are built for green living.

Much like the concept in electric cars, the electric bicycle or e-bike uses rechargeable batteries and can go at the breathtaking speed of 25 miles per hour. Why would you want e-bike?

There goes my Exercise! or Not!

In some countries and cultures the bicycle is an exercise device. In some other places, it’s an inexpensive mode of transport. And for some others yet, it’s simply convenient. In any event, the bicycle was always considered a green solutions vehicle, so what’s this about electric? Well, the e-bike is also known as  a power-assisted bike – and that description partially answers some of the doubters’ questions.

You see, it’s not totally electric. If it were, we would be talking about a motorcycle.

Your green solutions electric bicycle is heavier than your ordinary bike, and you still have to pedal to go anywhere. However,  the motor does assist in this activity and is much more noticeable or obvious when going uphill.  This is when the “power-assist” awakens and makes light work of a process that in conventional bikes may require the rider to dismount and walk.

These e-bicycles are said to perform exceptionally well. Of course, this is subject to the brand, quality and such factors.

Bring On The benefits

  • In heavily populated areas, these e-bikes are hard to beat. You can save time, save gas from not using a car, and of course you save money
  • As a relatively new toy, you will not be disappointed. They are innovative and very low maintenance
  • They are convenient, comfortable and easy to maneuver
  • As a conventional bike, they provide all the exercise benefits associated with cycling – good cardiovascular exercise and good weight management potential, to name a few
  • With appropriate clothing, you can  use these as all-weather units
  • Of course with the motorized vehicle – and it is  a vehicle – you can go uphill, downhill, on the plains or in the dale.
  • For the green enthusiast, this is a piece to show off!!

E-Bicycle - Green SolutionsImagine how cool and fashionable you can become with this green solutions transportation. This e-bike – like any other bike – promotes exercise, personal well being, helps with your healthcare regimen and keeps your wealth intact. Talk about eco-friendly choices!

These e-bicycles are less expensive or should I say cheaper than their more powerful counterparts – motor cycles, cars and sports utility vehicles. They minimize pollution  and are low maintenance.

Furthermore, they are considered excellent alternatives for travel and exercise for elderly persons or those not quite so fit.

As always – green solutions or otherwise – you must use good judgement when considering or evaluating any financial transaction. Happy e-biking!

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