Green Solutions for Getting Rid of Termites – Safe, Effective and Inexpensive

Here is an eco-friendly approach to controlling or getting rid of termites from your home or your yard. This green solutions clip shows you firstly how to identify the presence or existence of the dreaded termites and then it demonstrates how to bit them.

Identification as a first step is very important, since you don’t want to spend time or resources on an area if it’s not infested. You don’t want to solve a non-existing problem.

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On the other hand, you don’t want to wait until you see the sometimes “too late” tell-tale signs of termite activity.

Having identified that you are under attack or that the enemy termite is in fact scoping you out, you can apply a non-toxic, green solutions bait or termite poison in the form of a dust to a specific location, and the termites themselves will assist you in getting them out – essentially they self-destruct, and the whole colony can be eliminated.

Now you have seen this green solutions clip, what do you think?  Is this a hit or a miss?

Green Solutions - Green Termite Bait System

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