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Finding green solutions will continue to be a high priority search that will generate an untold number of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities way into the future – at least that’s my take on it.

But what exactly are these green solutions job that we are we are talking about?

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Going Green

Maybe if we defined this green concept we could better understand these jobs that I am anticipating.

My working definition for going green:

  • A set of behaviors, attitudes, practices and actions that promote or enhance the quality of life in the environment such that we:
    • Save energy
    • Conserve scarce resources
    • More efficiently utilize our natural resources
    • Reduce waste
    • Manage waste in a more eco-friendly manner
    • Eliminate pollution or at least reduce it
    • Protect wild life and the eco-system generally
    • Develop and maintain sustainable projects that use renewable – non-exhaustible energy
    • Generally act or work in harmony with nature and nature’s bounties.

Admittedly, this is not without cost and logistics constraints; and if the truth be told, neither should we underestimate the potential financial advantages.  We can save money with the green approach and in many cases our physical and mental well-being will also benefit.

Based on my definition above, green solutions jobs would be just about anything that contributes to our achieving the above goals or objectives. Anything – no matter how small – that results in better utilization of our scare resources. I suppose you could say that there would be different shades of green – different levels of participation, different actions and varying results from those actions.

And it is within these varying shades of green – these different actions and activities – that our green solutions jobs are birthed.

Green Jobs - Green SolutionsGreen Solutions Jobs

There are at least two (2) approaches to these green jobs:

  • We can consider brand new jobs and opportunities that evolve or emerge from the green technology, or
  •  We can take all existing jobs and morph them into green jobs. In other words, we take what we have, or what we are doing now and ask “how can we achieve the desired results – the objectives stated above – by incorporating green solutions technology into our present or existing practices”.

In other words, you want to make your current job or hobby into a green one. And this in many cases will require some training, some research, some mental conditioning even. You want to see life and things around you differently.  This leads us up to training.

Training for Green Solutions Jobs

Obviously each case is case, but here are some areas that will undoubtedly have a high demand for trained individuals:


  • Environmental Science
  • Eco-tourism
  • Energy Conservation
  • Alternative Energy
  • Solar Installation
  • Solar Thermal Training
  • Hydro-electric Plant Maintenance
  • Diesel Retrofitting
  • Renewable Energy
  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
  • Organic Farming
  • Green Engineering
  • Building Retrofitting
  • Energy Auditing
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Waste Management
  • Natural Building
  • Hydro Power
  • Wind Power
  • Bicycle Technician/Repair Specialist

Here is short video on the types of non-green jobs that are likely to become green solutions jobs.



Finding The Training

The above list is not exhaustive – it just gives a glimpse at the scope of opportunity. Additionally, the range is wide and not all opportunities require degree level training. There is something here for everyone.

There are community colleges, a variety of specialized trade schools, technology workshops, public lectures, and an almost unlimited number of online training options where you can find top-notch green solutions training. Consider yourself advised!!

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