We Need Renewable Energy Sources – Or Do We?

The planet is dying and a much quicker rate than was predicted many years ago and that is because of human wastage and exploitation. The planet is fragile despite is enormity and so many of us just take that for granted. There are a wide range of corporations that guzzle and use thousands upon thousands of tons of non-renewable energy sources each day which emit toxic chemicals that are detrimental to the planet.

Our greenhouse emission is frighteningly high and it really doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. Governments are too busy investing in war and defense to bother about the planet we live on and then people have the audacity to question the importance of renewable energy sources.

Of course renewable energy is important, it is the only way to power the planet that is sustainable and doesn’t cause damage. I appreciate it is extremely expensive to install and naturally it is weather dependent but surely people must see the worth in it as a concept.

There are thousands of companies out there that have the technology to make the most of the naturally occurring power sources. All we need is a little investment and governmental faith to move forward, I will not put forward my case for the importance of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy

Logical Green Solutions

To me it just seems logical that we focus on renewable energy. There are so many ways in which we abuse the planet and there are very few ways of rectifying the situation.

A lot of companies offer great products that can really be of benefit to the area they are installed and to the planet in general. Vector Foiltec is one of those companies and if you check out what they offer on their website you will almost certainly be impressed.

To me it just makes sense that we focus our attention on this form of energy because it is the simplest and most effective way to make a change. I appreciate there are some difficulties but we are so technologically advanced it seems illogical the way we treat our planet.

We have access to the very equipment and information needed to make a difference so I believe it is just selfish and naïve of us to waste that chance.


The one thing that is used against renewable energy is the cost of development and the cost if implementation. I can agree that it is expensive and it would require a considerable amount of governmental investment to instigate its wider use but I really believe that is what’s needed.

We are all just so wasteful and selfish and we can still be wasteful and selfish if the environment isn’t being damaged as a result.

Weather & Renewable Energy

This is the major stumbling block, it is very weather dependent but that can be worked around. Just install the right kind of energy forms in the right countries, there is no use having solar panels in the UK is there? With a little common sense and research, real change can be made.

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Mike Thompson has 5 years writing experience and enjoys compiling articles on a wide array of topics. In recent years his focus has been on the environment and renewable energy.

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