Green Solutions – Tips for Organic Household Cleaning

A number of innovative ideas are pouring in to bring about new Green Solutions to help us preserve mother earth. Claims of authenticity in products, devices and items that are touted as perfect Green Solutions and that have incorporated green measures must be well understood and in some cases taken with several grains salt or suspicion if you will.

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Green Cleaning - Green Solutions

That said, some of the products that are now being organically produced include the household cleaning items and when we buy them we are contributing to the protection of the environment. My hope is that in the process, we also save some money.

Household tips  – Helpful in preserving the environment

Firstly it needs to be understood that the very concept of Green Solutions is undermined when you use non-organic detergents, chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and stain removers as these are very harmful to the environment.


Get organic stuff

So if you are actually looking for Green Solutions then one of the best remedies is to look out for organic household cleaning items and the internet is full of tips that you can make use of with these cleaning items that are not only safe for your health and your hands but also the environment is left less affected.


See What Happens With Toxic Stuff………


Why not try tea tree oil?

Using natural tree tea oil is a good room freshener and is considered safe for the environment and a very effective eco-friendly solution.

Lemons - Green Solutions


Check out lemon oil and lavender

As a matter of fact, most of the natural oils like lemon oil and lavender are antiseptic and have can be also used as disinfectants. Talk about green solutions!!


Vegetable oil not just for frying

A very common cleaning agent in every home is the liquid cleaning agent that is used as a dish washer. But the fact is one of the best dishwasher is vegetable oil which leaves a bright shine and is non toxic too. This is a highly effective agent for removing scratches too on stainless steel utensils and cutlery. This is one of the really cool green solutions ideas.


Save money with compact fluorescent lights (CFL)

Switching over to CFL is another one of the effective Green Solutions that can be easily followed. Moreover this is a huge money saver move too!


What’s with all that paper? Recycle

Instead of littering the area with all the waste paper, good Green Solutions approaches suggest that you could donate it to some charitable organization that run these recycling units and make money by recycling paper and making items like paper bags and other articles from it. This not only is satisfying for you as a human being but also protects the environment and keeps the surrounding clean and litter free.

Green Solutions

Save water and save dollars

Some of the other Green Solutions include using water-efficient and power efficient-appliances in the homes. This is one of the most important of all Green Solutions as it saves the water and the fuel both of which are fast depleting and also you can ensure that there are no toxic gas emissions by using solar energy or wind energy power.

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