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Given our current rate of material consumption and disposal, we do need some quick and sustainable solutions for handling waste. In fact, we really need some green solutions for waste management. We already have a sense of the problem – it’s a biggie – so let’s not spend too much time talking about it. What we want are some workable solutions, preferably green solutions.

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Controlling Waste – Can we fix everything?Green Solutions Waste Control

Of course we cannot. And for the purposes of this paper, let’s ignore “nuclear waste” – we might regret it – but we have to leave it alone right now, at least for this post.

There are many different types of waste and for this discussion we will look at the “easy waste”. This is the type or class of waste that is not likely to cause or transmit any diseases, ordinarily. We see this all around us – evidence of a very mobile society.

  • Can and bottles
  • Paper and paper-based products
  • Food and kitchen waste

Now our preference is to have as many sustainable applications as possible, or to put it differently, we want some green solutions.

  • Can and bottles can be resold to green entrepreneurs who can better prepare them for sustainable processing. This itself has the makings of a business opportunity. Plus, you can make a few buck. This is recycling and its nature friendly.
      • The entrepreneurs can accumulate these cans and bottles and sell them off to large recycling units. There is money here, but this business format is not for everybody.
      • Then there is the option of a “Junk Dealer” type operation. Here the operator accumulates a wide variety of used items – cans and bottles are just one category of the total inventory – and retails these  to persons who find use and value in them. Again, this business arrangement is not for everybody.
  • Paper and paper products can also be processed and traded like we did the bottles above. There is a viable market for used paper – packaging and poultry farms are two areas that do have a fair demand. However, this is not generally the case.  Paper products bring their own unique characteristics to bear, and composting is probably a better green solutions approach to this issue. Don’t get me wrong, if you can sell it, please do so.

Paper Waste - Find Green Solutions

  • What can we say about food waste? Reduce it! But when that fails, consider some composting options. Now what happens from here depends on your living circumstances. Do you have a big yard? Do you live in an apartment or other community that regulates your potential composting behavior? Or any of a bunch of unique circumstances.
  •  This has to be you call, but here are some green solutions and options to consider, subject of course to your situation:
  • Consider whether you will use internal (in the house) or external composting . Both are available, even though I personally prefer the outside unit for myself.
  •  Buy a composting bin
  • Build composting unit
  • Share a community-based and manged composting facility
  • Composting requires you to put all of your kitchen waste and disposed paper into a specially managed environment that accelerates the decomposition of the organic materials  resulting in a rich and plant-nutritious soil that can then be used as fertilizer or soil conditioner. This is truly an eco-friendly, sustainable green solutions outcome.

For your waste management, these are some tried and proven green solutions. Try them!

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