Radon is a dangerous gas that a lot of people are not aware of, yet it can cause myriad health ailments and is even associated with tens of thousands of cases of lung cancer each year. Therefore, it is important to learn about it and do everything you can to prevent your exposure to it.

What Exactly is Radon?

Another silent killer - harmful effects of readon

Radon is a gas that is colorless, tasteless, and odorless, so you will have absolutely no idea that you are being exposed to it. This is what makes it so dangerous. It is radioactive, and it has been associated with a higher risk of developing cancer. Your chances of getting lung cancer, in particular, are increased with exposure to radon, especially if you already smoke.

It is also important to note that radon actually occurs naturally as a result of the breakdown of uranium. Sources of radon may actually include well water, rocks, and soil surrounding your house. Therefore, your home may be exposed to radon gas without even being near a power plant.

What are Some of the Harmful Effects Associated with Radon?

Harmful effects of Radon in The Body

Radon is associated with many different health ailments. Below are a few of the major ones that it has been linked to.

Lung cancer is often the first health problem that people associate with exposure to radon. In fact, this gas is considered the second leading cause of lung cancer, according to experts. That is why it is important for individuals who smoke or who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke to test for radon in order to ensure that they are not being exposed to it in addition to the carcinogens found in cigarettes. While lung cancer can be prevented in many cases, once someone gets a diagnosis, it is very difficult to treat it.

Radon will contaminate the indoor air throughout your home. This leads to consistent exposure to radiation, which can lead to damage and mutations on the cellular level. It can affect everyone from children to the elderly and even your pets. The damage your body incurs as a result of exposure to radiation can migrate to other parts of the system outside of the lungs themselves.

Because you do not know that you are being exposed to radon, and the damage takes time to manifest in the body, you will not feel any symptoms in the short term. Instead, consistent exposure to radon will cause health problems that will often not show up until several years later, when it can be difficult to associate radon to your disease, especially if you never knew your home was exposed to it in the first place.

What Can Individuals Do About Radon in Their Homes?

Harmful effects of radon: Things you can do

The only way to know for certain if your indoor air is contaminated with radon is to have it tested by professionals. In the event that radon is found, there are steps that you can take to reduce the amount of radon in the home back down to acceptable levels.

Radon gas is very scary. Thankfully, though, you can test for it to eliminate the risk of disease caused by it.

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