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Heat pump systems provide central heating in a home by drawing heat energy from the outdoors. Depending on the system used, the heat pump can extract heat from air outside or from underground. When selecting the best heat pump for your home, you need to consider different factors like size, energy requirements, and installation requirements. By determining the efficiency of each unit, you can find the one that is most appropriate for your needs. hen you do this, you would have chosen an excellent green solutions heat pump.

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Some of the heat pumps available in the market include geothermal heat pumps, air source heat pumps, window unit heat pumps and ductless systems. When you choose the right heat pump, you get a good option for heating and cooling your entire home or different rooms in the home or building.

Geothermal heat pumps

The geothermal systems are also called ground source heat pumps. They use heat from the ground through pipes that are installed underground. While these heat pumps may cost more to install than other systems, they are usually cheaper and more efficient in the long run. The pumps are effective for use in cold climates, but they are more suitable for some areas than others are and this is mainly due to the soil condition or terrain. These factors affect the drilling and installation of the underground pipes.

 Air source heat pumps

These are the most common heat pumps due to their affordability and efficiency. With new technology and innovations the heat pumps are getting even better. They supply heat and air conditioning to an entire home using the air handler in the home and the ductwork system. Many homeowners are choosing to install the affordable air source heat pumps during construction of their homes.

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Window unit heat pumps

These heat pumps use the AC technology for supplying heating and air conditioning in a room or specific zone. While they are still new in the market, the units are growing in popularity due to their ability to cost effectively heat single rooms and specific zones. The window unit heat pump cools the room in hot weather and when it gets cold, the function is reversed bringing heat into the house. This system keeps utility bills very low.

Ductless minisplit system

These heat pumps are smaller than the standard heat pump systems and they are growing in popularity due to their efficiency. Considered to be more efficient than the air source heat pumps, the ductless mini-split heat pumps can be used to cool or heat zones that the central HVAC system does not serve. Their cost is also quite affordable which is convenient for most homeowners.

Heat pump water heaters

Energy efficiency is the main reason homeowners are installing the heat pump water heaters. The way energy sources are utilized determines their future availability. Water heating is a large contributor to the high-energy consumption in a home. The heaters use efficient technology to revolutionize the way water is heated.  The heat pump water heater uses a heat pump to heat the water. The system absorbs heat from the atmosphere and transfers it to the water tank, thus heating the water.

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