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In the age of modern medicine herbal lore is often laughed at or considered out of date. Some doctors even recommend that some herbs are not good to take. There is certainly a lot of controversy around nowadays surrounding herbal supplements. The truth is herbs have been used for illnesses for centuries, but you still have to be careful taking them if you are pregnant, are on some modern drugs that do not mix well with them or if you are in danger of taking too much into the system. Homeopathy is the modern version of herbal lore – it mixes mother tinctures made from herbs diluted to tiny amounts that are safe to take into the system. A mother tincture is dropped five to seven times into water into which it is diluted and is taken two to three times a day. A mother tincture is made with one part herb to nine parts alcohol. An herbal tincture is stronger and is not as diluted as a mother tincture; as such they should be used with more care.

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How Herbal Tinctures are produced

Getting the support and experience of a qualified homeopath is often useful when administering herbs. They will know which herbs will treat different organs in the body most effectively. Herbs are excellent for treating levels of toxicity in the body, be this from environmental stressors like pollutants or from dietary toxicity from taking in the wrong kinds of foods. Herbs are used to support organs and most importantly restore equilibrium in the body. There are certain rules which must be followed in making an herbal tincture.

Firstly, the most perfect example of the plant species must be found. It must be a completely pure form of the particular species. Marigold for example is excellent in treating cuts and grazes. The species should have been growing optimally in the perfect habitat. Plants should also be harvested at the correct time, in many cases during spring or summer. Pesticides and artificial fertilizers often pollute plants, but it is increasingly believed by homeopaths that small traces of these in tinctures actually helps the human body grow resistance to them.

The Advantages of using Herbs

Herbal supplements - Go Green Solutions

Homeopathy is so useful because it works in the reverse way that modern medicine works. Instead of putting in a substance that would cure the disease, the same elements that would otherwise cause the disease in a healthy person are given to the sufferer. In this way the homeopath is ‘curing like with like’. There are of course potentially millions of herbs and plants from across the globe, some of which are yet to be discovered yet. Herbal remedies use these plentiful resources to treat millions of like illnesses and diseases. Herbs are above all natural, which many patients find appealing. They are never in the form of isolated chemicals but are always in their complete, organic forms. This can be less harmful for the body and cause fewer side effects than more conventional modern medicines. As a result, homeopathic remedies are not known to have any side effects.

How Homeopathy is developing

The individual biochemistry of each person is being studied and worked upon. Homeopathy provides a tailored treatment to each of its patients based on their own individuality. This is a philosophy very relevant to the modern condition, for example homeopathy will like looking at the different rates of people’s metabolism, for example who are trying to diet. Although homeopathy is a Western medical tradition as it spreads across the world different cultures are bringing their own particular knowledge to it, like the discipline of Chinese medicine or drugs used to induce trances in Africa. Of course, homeopathy across the world has many deviations and is now regulated by many international and national bodies.

Herbal supplements, Slippery Elm Lozenges

Herbal supplements, Slippery Elm Lozenges—HealthHomeHappy.com (Flickr.com)

Homeopathy cannot heal a broken leg nor do something so obviously physical. It is mainly used to treat what are perceived to be toxins and certainly cannot compete with effective vaccinations or the effectiveness of chemotherapy in treating cancer, for example. Nevertheless, many people derive psychological comfort from the discipline and enjoy learning about the various herbs and what they are used to treat. The geographical, cultural and historical aspects of herbs are very interesting.

Examples of Popular Plant Remedies

The Iris, or Blue Flag as it is also known, is used to treat headaches that are accompanied with problems with the digestive system. It is known to decrease migraines and help those with a low mood or restive attitude. Rhododendron is used to treat gout and arthritis and is good especially for those whose condition deteriorates in wet and cold weather. There are hundreds of herbs or plant remedies to choose from. And remember, you are always responsible for your health – whether or not you use herbal supplements.

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