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Herbal treatments for psoriasis are getting more and more popular these days as people are getting smarter and avoiding medications which do not provide long term solutions and have the tendency to cause side effects.

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Normally, doctors and skin specialists prescribe either medicated creams which contain hydrocortisone, steroids or some other drugs for the skin affected with psoriasis. More aggressive methods of treating psoriasis for more severe cases include oral tablets or capsules.

Many psoriasis sufferers are now hesitant on taking chemically produced medications and are turning towards alternative herbal treatments for psoriasis. These psoriasis remedies can be quite effective and the good thing about them is that they don’t cause harsh side effects that lead to other health problems in the long run.

The problem with psoriasis is that there is no conclusive answer to what causes this skin condition. Even dermatologists and scientist have not successfully grappled with this illness and it still remains much of a mystery to them. There is a general consensus that there is a significant genetic link in psoriasis. Studies show that about 30 % of psoriasis sufferers have a family history of psoriasis. Other triggers include obesity, alcoholism stress, strep infection and some drugs.

Herbs are not new to mankind. There is a long history of herbal treatments for psoriasis and many forms of illnesses. Herbalist believe that psoriasis may be caused by a build of toxins in the liver or kidney which prevents the body from eliminating the metabolites in a normal way and aim to provide psoriasis remedies that cleanse the system, reduce stress and normalize the body’s immune system.

Some common remedies for psoriasis are as follows:

Aloe Vera - herbal treatments for psoriasis

  • Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil

Aloe Vera is well known for relieving itchiness and is amongst the best solutions for scalp psoriasis. It is best when used in conjunction with Jojoba oil

  • Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Neem.

This is a good herbal mixture which is anti-inflammatory and aids in relieving the symptoms of psoriasis.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile can be quite effective in relieving the pain and itchiness that comes with psoriasis. Further, chamomile helps in easing swelling and calms the affected skin area. The oil is also good at improving the regenerative and healing properties of the skin tissues.

  • Oregon Grape Extract

Oregon grape root extract and herbal detox combinations help cleanse the toxins and optimize your liver function.

  • Dong quai

If you take dong quai in your early psoriasis outbreak, this may help reduce inflammation.

If you suffer from psoriasis and want to be more informed about various forms of treatments which can help you, find out more at:

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