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We can make organic lip balm or lip gloss using some simple ingredients such as organic Coconut Oil and Beeswax. The technique given here will give us a good, natural lip balm or gloss without the synthetic stuff that is usually in some other products.

The process is an extremely easy one, as the recipe presented is very simple. Additionally, the ingredients used are easy to obtain and inexpensive as well. Inexpensive, natural and eco-friendly – that’s your homemade organic lip gloss.


As suggested, you can add some flavorings in the form of your preferred essential oils. However, I must point out that you should only use natural flavoring oils. Do not use flavoring extracts because they are generally made in an alcohol base and oil – from the coconut oil – and alcohol do not mix well. Orange or Peppermint flavorings have been found quite acceptable by some people.

Of course you can experiment with oils other than coconut. Why not try Apricot Oil or Grape Seed Oil?

Organic Lip Balm - Green Solutions

Here is some more information on Homemade Lip Balm:

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