Homemade Solar Power – Savings and Going Green

Have you ever considered homemade solar power? As we understand it, people are now adopting different procedures to help them cope with the escalation in both pollution levels and their day to day expenses by cutting down on their gas bills as well as their electricity bills. One solution to both these problems is installing and using homemade solar power which not only reduces the cost of electricity but is also extremely environment friendly. There are many approaches to this, but here we will consider the homemade solar-powered generator.

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Get Your Solar-Powered Generator Up and Running

A solar-powered generator operates through the use of photovoltaic cells. Because of the demand growth for these cells, they are becoming more affordable and their storage capacities have become more advanced as well. These two factors have helped in making it possible to make a solar-powered generator at a more affordable cost with some dollar saving benefits.

Homemade Solar Power - Generator

For a homemade solar-powered generator, the materials needed include a small solar power panel, a battery, battery box, a 12-volt DC meter, a DC input, insulated wire, and an optional DC to AC inverter. To make a solar-powered generator, you need to buy or make a solar panel. Making a solar panel is cheaper than buying commercially-built ones. The solar panel needed should be 12 or 16 volts. Making a homemade solar-powered generator is actually a relatively simple task especially if the instructions are followed properly.

As stated above, we need a battery for the generator. Choose a 12-volt acid, gel or lead rechargeable battery with the amperes (amps) required to run electricity for the area served. For example, a one-room home will probably only require about 20 amps but bigger facilities will need 100 amps or more. We also need to have a battery box to protect the exposed terminals. To help monitor the battery charge, a 12-volt DC meter is also needed.


If a person is to use AC appliances, it will necessitate having a DC to AC inverter. In building the generator, we need a drill to affix the meter and DC input into the top of the box. Use insulated wire to connect the meter to the battery’s wing-nut terminals. The negative pole should be connected first working with one wire at a time and then attach the DC inlet to the battery. The solar panel – either one you made or purchased – should also be attached in the same manner as the previous wires.


Homemade Solar Power - WindThe lid must then be closed and keep tight using a cord. Place the solar panel under the sun for at least five (5) to eight (8) hours for a dead battery and one (1) to three (3) hours for a weak battery. This system will be able to operate small wattage lights and appliances. If we are constructing a bigger capacity generator than we have discussed above, we will need to include a voltage regulator.


Benefits Galore On Going Green and Saving Money

With our homemade solar power generator completed, here are some of the benefits you are sure to reap from these types of installations:

Reduction in the cost of electricity:

Though you might find the start up costs to be rather high, in the long run you are sure to smile over the benefits you have reaped in the form of savings, when you install a Homemade solar power system or earn a good amount as income every month with the installation of the Homemade solar power generator.

Use of appliances facilitated:

When you install the homemade solar power you can   use the different appliance like the heaters, washing machines, all the audio – video appliances and the different kitchen fixtures. Even computers and can be used quite easily in the power generated by the solar power system.

Eco–Friendly Source of power:

Since it is renewable source of energy, solar power is most opted as you are more than 100% sure that it is sustainable and will not depleted. With the homemade solar power, you are ensured of maintaining the ecological balance and also you re helping in maintaining a cleaner environment as this does not produce any gas or any other type of pollution. Moreover, since it is a renewable source of energy, installing solar power can be extremely beneficial as you are assured of a continuous flow of power for you home needs.

Easy installation and Cost effective maintenance:

The installation of  solar power energy producing device is not only simple and easy it can be done in a short duration of time. The only factor that can be referred to as “start-up trouble” is the cost factor. But in the long run the cost factor too is made efficient. Moreover, there are no special maintenance formalities to be covered so the process of maintaining it is simple except for the regular maintenance. There is no cost involved so the long term returns is definitely very attractive when you install a solar power system.

A device to earn a regular income:

One of the rare benefits which other installations do not provide you is that with the installation of the homemade solar power system in your home or office, you can earn a substantial amount of income from it. This is possible because in case the amount of energy produced is more than your requirement then you could make a deal with other consumers and provide them electricity for a payment.

Homemade Solar Power - Portable Generator

You can also empower other homes and places with the installation of the homemade solar power generator which has the capacity to produce huge amounts of electricity for supplying. And if you are not interested in selling the excessive power then you also have the choice of storing the energy generated from the homemade solar power for future use. Highly cost effective and long term benefits are some of the features that favor the installation of the homemade solar power devices.


With everyone’s increasing awareness of the climate change and its dreadful effects to the nature, making a solar-powered generator is a good idea. Investing for a system like this is worthwhile because the solar energy used by solar-powered generator will never run out. Through it, electricity at home and other facilities will never run out also.

Are You Tired Of High Power Bills?

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