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Whether you’re moving into a new home or refurbishing the old place, right there is a good chance to make some environmentally sound changes too. Why? Firstly, because, as a resident of this planet, you have to return this long overdue favor. Secondly, because, it helps you spread the word and inspire people. And, thirdly, it helps you save on the precious money! This is also something intelligent homeowners do. If you plan to hop aboard the “eco-friendly” train (which, you totally should), we give you the five awesome green tricks intelligent homeowners use, to save the money and the planet.

The Attic - Where home owners can save money

  • Check the attic

According to experts, the health of the attic is a direct and clear reflection of the health of the home. And for the amount of importance the attic holds, it sure is one of the most ignored areas of the home. Things like the color and material of the roof, the material, the heat retention and the like, play a major role in energy efficiency. Also keep an eye on the insulation. For the attic, the insulation needs to be top-notch. You could have the whole house well insulated, but if the attic is not sorted, you’re just blowing up your money into smoke.

  • Install ceiling fans

Keep the fans spinning - homeowners saving money

When the weather is too cold to turn up the air conditioner, but too hot to live without it, ceiling fans come to the rescue with the perfect balance. Moreover, they consume far lesser energy than the air-conditioning unit, and they’re not so taxing on the environment either. Also, because they’re adjustable, they work about just as efficiently in any weather. Air conditioner units are too much for small rooms and rooms with lower traffic. Fans do the job of air circulation perfectly here. Ceiling fans also help you get away with keeping the thermostat higher during summer and lower during winter without the slightest pinch on the electricity bills.

  • Keep an eye on HVAC

The energy-consuming monster, watching out for that HVAC system alone solves most of the energy-efficiency issues. The first green move you’ll make as a homeowner in this direction is by buying an HVAC system that is high on energy star ratings. Of course, you’ll have to pay a little more for this, but we’d rather pay more upfront, once and for all, than cough up for higher bills every month. Also, make sure the filters are clean at all times and the wires are not cracked in any place. Don’t act too stingy to replace whatever needs replacing, and certainly don’t try to do a professional’s job, unless you’re the professional.

HVAC - Watch it and Save Money

  • Get an energy efficiency report

So, you’ve been smart enough to pull all stops in energy efficiency and towards a greener home, but how do you know you’ve done it right and it’s actually making a difference? Get timely energy efficiency reports. An energy audit will let you know exactly what is going on, and what further changes you need to make. Sometimes, research and electricity bills are not enough; you need a professional, detailed analysis of everything. And this report does just that.

Homeowners can save money

  • Do things innovatively

This is where the most efficient solutions come from. It’s the little things that make all the difference. Switch to CFL and LED lights; lower the hot water heater temperature to one the optimum/threshold value. Don’t forget to insulate exposed hot water pipes, and fix all leaks. Cover up all the cracks, plant the right trees, and finally, keep a track of all the changes. But, most importantly, inculcate this value in the rest of the family, by insisting on collective effort and participation.

Keep it, Save it: Cool green solutions

The move may be difficult, especially when you’re the white flower in a bunch of red ones. However, always remember, you’re not alone. And even if you feel that way, just take a look at the money you’ve saved!

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Jeff Cole, today’s guest writer, works in Thermarate, a leading provider of energy efficiency reports in Australia. A hard-working employee, he strives to offer quality services to his customers. He also enjoys swimming and hiking in his leisure time.

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