How to Build Solar Power – Make Your Own Solar-Powered Toy Car

Why would anyone want to know how to build solar power systems? The world today is facing one of its worst crises in the face of escalating costs of energy and fuel and the depletion of natural resources. So it is now the responsibility of the citizens of the nations around the world to get together to save the planet from potential doom in the form of an imminent blackout.

Solar Power Overview


Naturally, not everyone believes that there is a problem. Even so, with awareness now being generated at the consumer level, it is gratifying to know that people are accepting the new and modern methods of power generation. Yes, many folks now want to learn how to build solar power systems.

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But one of the things that what really matters when you get to understand solar power is that you are able to save a lot of your hard earned money and also contribute in your own small way towards a greener and hopefully safer planet. Consider that as you take steps to save money you are also helping to create a green environment, and you are reducing the depletion of our natural resources. Here are some pointers to help you build solar power:

  • You can build your own solar panels to generate solar power. There are many DIY kits with clear and easy to understand manuals to assist you in building the panels. With these kits you can build or assemble your own panels, and learn how these units actually work.


  • On the other hand, if you prefer you can purchase ready made panels, but most people have accepted the challenge to build their own and in the process they better appreciate the overall concept of alternative energy.


  • Of course you can keep this project as inexpensive as you want by finding and using all the materials that can be obtained at home – particularly for making the panels – or even materials that are available locally.


  • Substituting and experimenting with different materials provide great learning opportunities for the more daring folks. Additionally, the substitutes may be a much cheaper option.


  • Obtain some books, manuals and step-by-step guides that are available in the market and follow them. Check out your library and find more suitable information.


  • Of course you want to get the best or most out of your investment. When you are able to build these solar power systems yourself, you will obviously save big bucks. Furthermore, your increasing self confidence coupled with the clear instructions and guidelines provided will work to your advantage when you complete the actual installation.


  • Even so, you should always consider the option of working with a buddy in these types of projects. It could be friend or a family member, but the learning environment is likely to be enhanced when you and your project buddy get going.


  • These panels generally have a long life. Except for some unusual activity that damages the units, you should get at least 10 years of service. I know of panels in service for over 20 years with no maintenance whatsoever. I myself have used a panel for producing hot water – a commercially manufactured collector panel – for over 23 years and it was serviced once for a leaking joint.

  • Yes, in 10 years time the system would have paid for itself, and you would have fully recovered your initial investment and then some.


  • Of course, you must ensure that you have attached or connected an inverter. This is a device that stores your excess power in its battery to be used when needed. It is convenient and it helps us save money.


A Practical Application of Solar Power at Work

Solar energy can operate almost everything including toy cars. A solar-powered toy car is not only a nice toy for children but can also be a good educational and training subject for students. Building a solar-powered toy car will help students play and learn at the same time.

Here is an example of what is possible. You should experiment and customize it to suit your own needs.



To build this toy car, you will need foam board, ruler, hand saw, ¼ inch wood board, sandpaper, motor clip, plastic bottle, rubber band, small and large pulley, drill, 4 screw eyes, 2 dowel rods, instant glue, tape, 4 wheels from a toy car, DC motor of 2 volts and 145mAmps, solar panel, and an optional angled platform sized 4 ½ inch by 2 ¾ inch.

To start the project, cut the wood board a little larger than the plastic bottle for the car body. Then, cut two small parts of the foam board with same width of that of the body platform and 2 inches in length. Glue the blocks together to the body platform. Mark the fronts and sides of the blocks with a total of 4 dots.

Fasten a screw eye in each dot and use dowel rods as an axle material. Using a saw, cut the two dowel rods, and sand the tips with sandpaper so the wheels will fit tightly. Affix one wheel to the axle and slip the axle by the screw eyes before putting the second wheel. Place the large pulley on the front axle between the platform body and the right wheel.

If you are making a solar-powered toy car you will need to obtain a car engine. Place the motor to the motor clip and connect the small pulley to the motor’s shaft. Then, glue the motor clip into the body platform close to the front wheel at the right side. Pass through a rubber band on the drive pulley and motor pulley. Bore a hole on the plastic bottle, both on the top and bottom then insert a wire through the holes and attach the bottle to the platform.

Attach the engine wires to the solar panel wires and connect the solar panel to the bottle top. If building a solar-powered toy car with an angled solar panel is preferred, then, you should construct the platform using a foam board and blocks and attach it to the bottle along with the solar panel. Tape the loose wires to avoid any obstructions when the car moves.

After building your solar toy car, you would have saved money on batteries and power and you would have contributed to a more eco-friendly environment. Just make the toy car presentable and attractive and it is already a great gift idea for anyone. Giving this to someone can be an encouragement for being an eco-friendly person.

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