How to Build Wind Turbines– Living Green, Saving Money


Many people have wondered how to build wind turbines primarily for the purpose of saving money but also for improving the environment. Man has long recognized the potentials of the wind, one of the most abundant and easily available resources in nature. The wind has served a lot of important purposes, including pumping water and producing electricity. In this age when electricity has become one of the most important necessities of modern living, we continue to seek alternative ways to supply the power that we need every day.

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Wind turbines serve by harnessing wind power in a process where the motion or kinetic energy produced is converted by a generator to electricity.

How To Build Wind Turbines Environment-conscious individuals have looked in on building wind turbines to lessen or reduce their carbon footprint as well as save money by decreasing electricity costs.

Building a wind turbine is something that has to be planned well as the location and the cost factors are very important. Energy conservation is very important these days as the consumption of energy on a large scale has led to an energy crisis. If this continues at such a rate, the whole world will eventually be in darkness. Nature has bestowed us with solar energy and wind energy, but man has not yet been able to fully exploit these resources. So, it is high time we learn techniques and use the technology that will assist us in managing the looming energy crisis.

In more recent times, solar energy is being tapped on a large scale and many homes now have solar panels that provide energy for the entire family. With the present energy crisis, more importance is given to solar houses to save energy. In the same way, be it for commercial purposes or for residential, wind energy has to be tapped, and the technical know-how of wind turbine construction becomes important. The application for each home has to be considered very carefully as all houses cannot make optimal or efficient use of wind turbines. There should not be any obstacles to block the wind and you should have a good knowledge of the area, as you need to know and understand the existing wind patterns.

Sometimes, it pays to consult a renewable energy company that is experienced in this field to discuss your area-specific concerns. Generally, an experienced company can guide you in your green energy research as they will know alternate means of generating energy if your place is not viable for wind energy. A combination of both wind and solar energy can be used in some locations. Small wind energy devices can be used to generate electrical energy for homes.

How To Build Wind Turbines

How to Build Wind Turbines

If you have considered using the wind as an ideal or at least another means to cut your electricity expenditures and generate green profit, then naturally, the next question is – how do I build a wind turbine? While it may require some technical and handy skills, there are several books and websites providing guides and instructional materials on this technology.

However, before starting on your project, it is important to determine the wind turbine design, because not all wind turbines are created equal. For example, wind turbines should have three blade propellers at best, not two or four or more; while two blade propellers ensure greater speed, the changes in wind direction will cause significant vibration problems. On the other hand, a wind turbine with too many propellers is inefficient in generating electricity.

Aside from the number of propeller blades, the size of a wind turbine determines how much power can be generated. The larger the diameter of the rotor blades, the higher the mounting distance from the ground and this means that the blades will be exposed to stronger winds.

Materials for large parts such as rotor blades and support pole can be made from many things, such as PVC pipes, scrap metal and wood to name a few. Essentially, these materials can be sourced from junkyards or you may opt to get them from your local hardware store. Other parts such as alternators or generators are easily obtainable from shops that sell automobile spare parts, or you can recycle old treadmill magnet motors. There are also many “how to build wind turbines” e-commerce sites that also sell various types of generators.

Building and using wind turbines not only help the individual to save but also contributes to a thriving and healthy environment. In addition, it can also be a fun hobby and a bonding experience among family members – and this has benefits way beyond the obvious financial reward in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Scour the bookstores and the Internet for those “how to build wind turbines” materials!


Other Stuff to Consider

With the help of rotating blades and a generator, a wind turbine converts wind energy into electrical energy. In some places the Government or State Authorities take the initiative to develop focus on alternative energy production, so that more awareness is created among people. Now, while it is not a herculean task to understand wind turbines, sound technical knowledge and help should be pursued.

The working principles are a little complicated, but information and guidelines on building and installing these turbines can be easily obtained from companies who install them both for commercial as well as household purposes.

A commercial wind turbine has a capacity to 5MW while one for residential purposes is only a few hundred kilowatts.

Some Federal and State Departments offer grants and or tax credits for the installation of wind turbines, and now the house owner can take advantage of these incentives. Moreover, you could even obtain a good energy rating certificate which will surely increase the value of your property.

Roof tops turbines can be used, but in many jurisdictions, you may require a permit prior to installation.

How To Build Wind Turbines

How much your wind turbine can save you in energy costs depends on several factors – the wind conditions, your location, living lifestyle and so on, but there is no doubt that with an efficient design and installation, you can save big bucks.

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