Green issues are at the forefront of 21st century thinking. One of the biggest problems we have today is a lack of knowledge about what we can do at home to go green. Cleaning is one area where you can change your ways and help out the environment. We take a look at some of the ways you can go green whilst keeping your house clean.Go Green Cleaners - Citrus Infused Vinegar

Green Cleaning Products

It’s no secret many of the commercial cleaning products on the market today are bad for the environment. They contain chemicals which are toxic and non-biodegradable. And on top of this they’re made from petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource and a fossil fuel.

The only reason they’re still sold is because people keep buying them. Consider buying cleaning products which are non-toxic and do biodegrade. If you don’t want to buy a specialized cleaning product, make your own.

A mix of baking soda and vinegar can clean practically anything. Add in some warm water and you have an all-purpose home cleaning product.

Air Quality

The quality of the air in our homes and offices is low. There are fewer toxins outside due to the lack of build-up. Part of the reason for this is due to the increasing amount of insulation in our homes.

Keep fresh air flowing in and out of your home by keeping windows open when you can. It will lead to fewer odors and fewer toxins in your home.

Antibacterial Cleaners

Avoid antibacterial cleaners. These do more damage to our environment than anything else. The main reason for this is the risk of breeding bacteria which are resistant to traditional cleaning product. These breeds of ‘super germs’ essentially make all our household cleaners obsolete.

Furthermore, the FDA has already said these antibacterial cleaners don’t clean your house any better than a basic mix of soap and water.Green Cleaning

Toxic Cleaners

If you do use toxic cleaners in your home, make sure these cleaners aren’t disposed of in the trash. These cleaners can’t go down the drain because they pollute the water systems. They won’t do any good in landfill either. In fact, these chemicals often find their way back into the water system where they can harm us.

Recycle them correctly. Save them up and look for a place where old cleaners can be recycled safely. Many communities are now offering collection points where electronic goods and chemicals can be submitted for collection.

Your ‘Cleanability’ Rating

The design of your home can influence how difficult it is to clean. Lots of bulky furniture with little gaps in between can take a long time to clean. They’re a gathering point for dust and it naturally means more cleaning and more resources to maintain.

Did you know a simple office block can spend almost 50% more in energy costs just by designing their building in a way which makes cleaning harder?

You know your house best. If you see dust and dirt gathering in a specific place all the time, start making changes.

The author, Harriet Steele, is a talented writer and a popular blogger. She shares home improvement tips and advice through her articles. She says she only hires Boston House Cleaners to clean her home because they are the best.

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