How to Go Green and Save – Use Abundant, Renewable Energy

Since people are becoming increasingly aware of environmental dilemmas brought about by climate change and other catastrophic natural phenomena, many have started asking how to go green, while others have begun modifying lifestyles and behaviors considered wasteful of energy.Go Green - Green House By now you must have heard of the terms carbon foot print and renewable energy, but do you understand the impact of these terms on the environment?

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A carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide) produced by an individual’s every day activities. These activities include such varied actions as cooking, driving one’s car to work or running the air-conditioning in the bedroom. Carbon footprint can help an individual seek ways to go green as this can illustrate which areas – home, business, or other activities – contribute to higher greenhouse gas emissions.

One major tip on going green includes the use of renewable energy. Renewable energy refers to the utilization of abundant natural resources such as wind, water, sunlight, geothermal heat, biomass, and bio-fuel for energy. Go Green - Renewal EnergyThese natural resources can be harnessed to generate electricity and can then power many household appliances. The results are increased savings and reduced emissions. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, renewable energy can also be a source of profit for those who opt to go green or become green energy entrepreneurs.

Since wind turbines, solar panels, and biomass heaters can be invaluable tools in saving money and improving the environment, many people have been encouraged to make the switch from fossil fuels. While machines and grids can be costly, a little handy skill and research can definitely aid a household in making the go green switch.

Here are two “how to go green” options: wind turbines and solar panels – both good investments for any household looking to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Go Green – Wind Turbines – Wind energy has been used by man since the ancient times, serving to pumping water, grinding or milling rice and wheat and inexpensively producing electricity. Wind turbines are ideal in large open spaces where there are fewer high rise buildings or other structures that may impede wind flow. In suburban and urbanized areas, wind turbines mounted on rooftops are most ideal. While wind turbines can be ordered and professionally installed, a less expensive route entails doing it yourself.


  • Go Green – Solar Panels – Location is a major factor when choosing to build solar panels. The number of hours of sunlight, temperature, frequency of rainfall and other variables determine whether solar power can be optimally utilized in your home. Choosing to build your own solar panel can reduce cost by up to 25%. It may all sound difficult at first, but once you have chosen or decided to install solar panels at your home, you will save energy and in some cases you could also earn money by way of financial and tax incentives or rebates offered by the state.



9 Easy Greening Tips on How to Go Green and Save

In addition to the wind and solar power options, there are other go green ideas that you can easily adopt to make your life green and healthy as well helping to make the world a better place to live in.

Go Green Collage

Here are 9 easy “go green” tips – good for your health, energy conservation, your wallet and the environment.

Tip # 1 – Use renewable sources of energy that are available naturally. Using renewable energy helps us to reduce the use the fast-depleting natural resources.

Tip # 2 – When shopping, try as far as possible and feasible to buy organic products. I know they are not always cheaper but generally they are of better quality, and were grown without chemicals. Now, not all people have bought into the “organic” or go green culture, but as always use your good judgment and monitor your dollars.

Tip # 3 – Using recycled items ensures that you are helping to save the environment.Let's Go Green & Recycle Old plastics and aluminum can be recycled and most supermarkets and grocery stores help to recycle them for you. This is truly an excellent way to go green and save or make money

Tip # 4 – When you launder clothes its best to do so in cold water as using hot water adds an additional layer of costs. Of course, you cannot ignore the weather or the climate, so again, use your good judgment.

Tip # 5 – Using a common mode of transport is the good, you can try vehicle pooling wherever personal preferences and social acceptance permits. This way you get to go green and save, not to mention the reduction in stress from not having to drive.

Tip # 6 – Using the staircase instead to the elevator if you live or work on the first or the second floor. Anything above the second floor and you need to make that call for yourself. Going green relies on us having some perspective, but it does not seek to put people in any danger whatsoever.

Tip # 7 – If you are unable to find partners to car pool, try getting a more eco-friendly vehicle. Indeed getting and using “green” transportation should be a tip all on its own.

Tip # 8 – Another healthy way is to walk to your destination if it is within walking distance. Of course, you must consider your own safety at all times, and pay attention to your environment. With this tip you help to reduce the number of cars on the street, thereby reducing the toxic emissions into the atmosphere. You go green and you get some exercise. That’s a win, win.

Tip # 9 – Carry your own water in your water bottle. Reduce the use of plastic bottles. While these plastics might not be all bad, we often see them being improperly dumped and they are not bio-degradable. Go green with your own water bottle.

Go Green with Renewable - Why Not?

Today with greater awareness among people all over the world on how to go green, how to protect the planet for our future generations, how to save our own hard-earned bucks, many innovations have been introduced to bring about the changes we seek. Implementing some of these tips will certainly help you go green and save the environment.

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