We need to start remembering that the earth is a fragile thing and it isn’t there just to be abused for our benefit. There are so many ways in which we all cause damage daily to the thing that facilitates our existence. The planet we all live on is in a state of constant decline, it is in effect dying.

There is an end date and despite the fact it is millions of years in the future we need to respect it and our current actions are so far from respecting it is frightening. We are all murdering our planet through wastage and dis-respect.

As a race we are releasing far too many greenhouse gases and genuinely have no desire to reduce or wastage or carbon footprint. This article will highlight what it takes to protect the planet and what simple ways there are out there that can help to reduce the damage we are causing and thus increase the overall lifespan of our planet.

Earth - Help Protect The Planet

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a great way to help protect the planet and there are many forms out there. Wind, solar and hydro-electric are perhaps the most popular and easiest to access. We are so technologically advanced nowadays that it is not at all unreasonable to think that we can, cost effectively, utilize these forms of energy.

I genuinely understand people’s concerns with the costing of such methods and the effectiveness to provide energy all year round but I feel we owe it to the plane to give it a go. The role of big business is so pivotal to implementing a change in environmental perception.

ETFE properties as developed by Vector Foiltec is just one great example of a company targeting the areas they should do. Their form of renewable energy is extremely aesthetically pleasing and very efficient to boot.

They are recognized worldwide and their product has been used by many large companies and corporations. If the largest companies in the world start boldly recognizing the importance of renewable energy then it will become progressively simpler to implement change in the wider world.

Intervention: Can This Help Protect The Planet?

I believe that change has to come from the top, and by the top I mean the government. We are in a period of political mistrust and many citizens feel betrayed by their governments. So many countries are in a state of war, and for what? It is just a waste of millions and millions of pounds and the only benefit from it is oil and an increased profile within the UN. Surely human life is worth more than that?


We all need to be better educated, so many people just don’t know the damage we are causing to the environment and this is perhaps the best way to go about changing the mindset of people.

A change of mindset will help to change people’s actions and therefore increase the possibility of making environmental gains in the long term. It isn’t a fast resolution and people need to sign up for the long term if change is to be made. Oh yes, we can all help to protect the planet.

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Andrew is an author with over 10 years industry experience, he writes about a variety of topics that include sport, the environment and cricket. He graduated from Manchester university with a degree in business.

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