How to Make a Windmill & Get Renewable Energy


How to make a windmill? Is this technology still viable? As the world is looking at alternate forms of energy a lot of people have demonstrated that they can successfully generate power using windmills. They have built windmill power systems and installed them in their homes and offices. By tapping the naturally occurring and extremely powerful resource of wind energy, they have generated electrical power and powered their homes and workplaces.

How To Make A windmillSeveral energy utilizing and saving methods are discovered and being employed these days, and one of them is making a windmill. Actually, a windmill is already an old way of making use of energy, particularly the wind energy. It was also a unique facet and a pleasant adornment in the countryside of America and Europe. When modern electrification materialized, it disappeared, but still some houses have windmills.

Because many people are now conscious and sensitive of the nature, windmills are getting back in circulation. Making a windmill is challenging, but once done, the fulfillment and benefits upon its construction is very worthwhile.

Being a renewable form of energy is probably one of the best features of this power source, and when added to its generous availability we must wonder why it has taken us so long to revisit it. Even more, this flow of uninterrupted power can be made available with the installation of a windmill and if it is a homemade one, then it can also be a cost effective option.

Yet, not many people know how to make a windmill even though it involves some relatively simple methods and techniques.

A lot of research has been undertaken to find effective ways to make a windmill and a number of programs have been developed to make the world a greener place as well. When you implement some of these renewable energy techniques, you not only save money but you also contribute to the preservation of nature and the environment with a resulting greener planet. In this case, when you have built your windmill and use it to generate power from a non-depleting resource, you are doing your part to work with nature and go green.

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Types of Windmills

In making a windmill, a person must decide first on the style of windmill to be created. There is a fixed type windmill Want To Know How To Make A Windmill? and “Dutch” type windmill. A fixed windmill is constructed in places wherein there is almost only one direction of the wind. A “Dutch” type, on the other hand, has a moveable head that can rotate into the direction where the wind blows.Now You Know How To Make A Windmill

Where Can You Do It

First and foremost, you must identify a geographic area or location that has an abundant wind supply available and blowing all year round so that it could be tapped to generate electricity. Now this is the preferred option, but given your own situation, you might have to consider your best-use options.  In any event there are cases or situations where some days or periods of the year are windier than others. These factors must be taken into account as you determine your optimal location.

A good location for the windmill must be chosen and it should be in a place where there is enough space for construction and most of all great wind exposure.

Some research suggests that the land area should be at least an acre, and building the windmill should be done in relation to the amount of wind that is available in the area. If you have an abundance of wind then a small windmill would suffice but if the wind is weak and intermittent then a tall and more robust windmill would be needed.

What Do You Need

You need to familiarize yourself with the different tools and procedures involved. When you are ready to make the windmill you will be surprised to note that only a few parts make up the entire system.

In making a windmill, there should be a base made of metal, stone, wood or brick. The head assembly must be installed in order that the sails and blades are positioned on an axle wherein a gear runs into another gear at a right angle. This will rotate the axle and operates the windmill. A fantail will control the rotation and turns of the windmill cap. The wheel where the fantail moves must be screwed to the inside of the mill whereas the head assembly turns with windmill cap.

You need about 3 to 5 blades that are aerodynamic and balanced. These blades having 4ft radius are fixed or attached to a DC (direct current) motor that is placed on the topmost point of a tower. You also need lumber or scaffolding, screws, nails, assorted axles, gears, nuts, bolts, head assembly, metal sails or canvas, and other assorted hardware.

Tips on How To Make A Windmill

How Do You Build It

The windmill should be built according to the needs of the consumer. For large fixed and traditional windmills, use large sails of canvas covering wooden blades. Whilst for American farm windmills, solid steel blades must be used. The sails have to be angled in a direction where wind can be obtained. If you want to use the wind energy directly from the windmill, a propeller can be installed for pumping water, for example.

The amount of wind in your area determines the height of the tower which can be around 7 to 15 feet. The amount of wind in the area is one of the first factors you need to consider when you know. A rudder that is placed on the end part of the motor pushes the motor on its axis.

This process for making a windmill is followed by installing a few batteries and an inverter to convert the DC to AC (alternating current) power. The battery stores the power generated and the inverter converts it for use.

Summary Of The Process

There are many factors to consider in making a windmill. These include the location, wind strength, wind direction, materials and the cost.

After careful assessment of these things, a person is already prepared in constructing a windmill. It may be difficult building a mill at first but after everything is completed, owning a windmill is advantageous for the consumer and the nature.

If you were puzzled and wondered how to make a windmill, you might have understood the simplicity of the process and the huge benefits you can reap for a lifetime not only for yourself but also for the environment.

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