Perfect garden wedding

Have you ever considered ‘lawn marriage’ for yourself? A perfect wedding spot is what every couple aspires. A clear blue sky with scenic beauty, green lawn and flowers just adds to breathtaking landscape one would expect for a fairy tale marriage sans the castle. Here we will discuss some aspects to help you create a perfect setting for a lawn marriage.

Decide your wedding date

You would not want the climate to dampen your wedding spirit. Hence, it is important to have your lawn wedding at the right time. The best time to choose the dates would be April, May, July, September or October. You can rent portable heaters to keep your guest warm and at a cheap rate. It would be more romantic to prepare small blankets for your guests and have a night away party. If you are considering a lawn wedding during the period or July, you need to also take into account the possibility of sunstroke and sunburn. So, you need to make sure you have sun and shadows intact around to protect yourself from the sun. Besides, you would not want your guests bitten by pesky mosquitoes and hovering flies. You need to take care of all the preventive measures to overcome these issues.

Choosing your wedding venue

There are couples who opt for a backyard or lawn wedding due to the sentimental values. This is the place where they spent their childhood and grew up. Not to forget, it is economical option too. Some find it the most practical approach as well but you can’t have a wedding in any random casual backyard. It needs to have a unique and charming setting for the wedding, reception or both. Did you realize that it can ease your stress and anxiety if you are marrying in a comforting and known surrounding and welcoming the life altering moment. It also comes as a practical reason for the parents having health or financial issues and are unable to travel. In case you as a couple have recently got a new house to start your life afresh, the backyard can work in favor as celebrating both the housewarming and celebrating your marriage.

Take a weather check

Weather is something that no one has any control over. It costs you time and money that you invested in planning a lawn wedding and you would not want to see it all go down the drain. Ever. Hence, it is always advisable to have an alternative wedding arrangements ready just in case you would require a back up. Keep an alternate location ready in case it starts raining, a protective tent or covering in case you are stuck in scorching heat. Make sure the bride and bridesmaid are wearing their sunscreen. You would also not want a muddy yard and get your dress spoilt. Keep these factors in mind and arrange your marriage event accordingly.

Lawn wedding

Wedding arrangements

There are various criteria you need to consider when you are planning to have a lawn wedding. Right from size of the lawn to the decorations. You need to ensure that the lawn can accommodate the entire guest list which includes dining, dancing and ceremony. You will have to handpick your guest and can’t think of extensive guest list. You need to take care of the hedges and maintaining the lawn. You can’t have a marriage at an uneven ground. Decorate the place with natural flowers arrangement and lovely bouquets. Sticking to a theme and creating a perfect venue will give you immense satisfaction.

Properly planning, preparing and executing your wedding ideas and decorating them with immense love and care will eventually create a beautiful and meaningful fairy tale wedding that you would have always dreamed.

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