The oscillating multi tool has become a favorite amongst DIY enthusiasts and contractors alike. Another intriguing use of this gadget is as a string trimmer. You can use it to mimic the blade of a lawn mower and cut your lawn with it. You have to be careful with the way you do it, though.

Here’s how to properly cut your lawn by using your multi tool as a string trimmer.Multi tool - string trimmer

As A String trimmer – It’s All in the Technique

Most first-time users of the multi tool tend to find the technique difficult to master. You have to hold the cutting head about two or three inches above the ground. This is the same height as a lawnmower blade. Now you need to sweep your cutter back and forth to make accurate cuts.

The key is to not fuss over whether you’ve  accidentally lowered or raised the blade. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you should be using a standard lawnmower for most of your lawn anyway.

Try to sweep it back and forth as if you were bringing a golf club down from a swing.

As A Lawnmower – Use it Well

The lawnmower itself will always be more effective than a multi tool over large areas, in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Unless you’re extremely accurate with your string trimmer, you’ll need the mower to do most of the lawn.

The multi tool is best used in areas where the mower can’t reach. Areas that might need some extra help include around mailboxes, near fences, and around any rocky outcroppings you can’t mow over the top of.

Dealing with Long Weeds and Tall Grass

Multi toolIf you have a particularly unruly lawn, raise the string trimmer closer to the top. Only remove two or three inches at a time. You don’t want pieces of grass flying everywhere. After doing two or three inches, go back down another two or three inches. Repeat this until your lawn has reached a desired height.

For cutting down strong plants and weeds, you’ll need a metal blade to slice through them cleanly. There’s a risk of plants becoming entangled in the cutter.

With The Multi Tool – Safety First

Safety should always be a priority. Never cut backwards towards you without stepping back with the blade. Make sure you wear ear and eye protection, as well as work boots and pants. If the blade does hit you, these protections will ensure as little damage is caused as possible.

When cutting close to trees and shrubs, make sure you don’t get too close. If you make any deep cuts into the plant, you could kill it. This applies equally to large trees as it does with small shrubs.

If you decide to buy the attachments for a string trimmer, it will cost less in the long-term than buying a dedicated trimmer. The main cost is the oscillating multi tool itself. In this case, only buy the multi tool if you intend on using it for other jobs around your home, otherwise it’s an unnecessary expense.

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