Green Career Options: Environmental Law Is One Of Them

Environmental law can be a very rewarding niche within the realm of law to get into. Although relatively younger than most other fields of law, this niche can be very exciting and you have more of an ability to make an impact, both now and into the future. Whether you’re an old lawyer who is looking to inject some new life into your practice, or you’re a younger lawyer who is looking for his niche to get started in, environmental law might be a great choice for you.

In this article we’re going to cover what exactly environmental law entails, as well as ways to get started in this field if you’re interested.Environmental Law

What is environmental law?

There are two main portions to environmental legislation that were passed in the 70s to help preserve and protect the environment. The first is called the National Environmental Policy Act, which was passed along with a few others. The overarching goal of this legislation was to protect public and private lands from environmental degradation. There are policies and initiatives which are bundled with these to ensure their effectiveness.

The litigation within environmental law moves very rapidly, so it’s important to constantly keep up with the latest developments.

What is the best way to get started?

Your career as an environmental lawyer will cover a broad score of activities. As an environmental lawyer your time will be spent more often outside of the courtroom, than within it. Environmental lawyers develop policies and take part in lawsuits all in the name of preserving and protecting the natural environment.

If you’re interested in environmental law it can be important to take internships with organizations that have power within environmental policy. By engaging with policy at this high of a level, you’ll be able to see how these policies influence the world and our relationship to the environment. Non-profits also weigh heavily on the field of environmental law as they are responsible for a lot of the lawsuits against organizations that are attempting to induce damage, consciously or not, on the natural environment.Environmental Law & Education

If you’re interested in moving forward with environmental law you’ll obviously need to have completed a bachelors and law degree, as well as passed the bar. However, you may want to consider a major in environmental sciences if you are early on in your education, as this will help give you a sold foundation for your future work as an environmental lawyer. The practice of environmental law unfolds in a similar manner to the rest of the legal niches, however, the focus is limited to that of the natural world.

I hope this article has been illuminating and you have a better idea if environmental law is the right fit for you. If you do decide to make the switch or the initial jump remember that as with any practice of law it’s going to be hard work, however environmental law is unique in that you’re fighting for a cause that often doesn’t have a voice, planet earth.


Zane Schwarzlose writes for The McMinn Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas. Zane thinks that environmental law would be a rewarding career.

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