Another Option – Hydroponic Gardening – Grow and Save

Traditional growing methods involve planting seedlings in soil. In the past the amount of crops that could be grown within a particular area was limited due to the amount of soil space needed to accommodate plant roots comfortably and things like crop rotation were necessary in order to replenish nutrients in soil.

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Hydroponics—Ryan Somma (

However, new innovations in hydroponics now mean that using this method of growing plants in water allows for a greater volume of crops to be grown within a certain area. In addition there is no need to undertake tasks such as crop rotation because all the nutrients that plants need can be added to the water being used for growing, without the need for replenishment.

As well as being a more efficient and successful growing method, hydroponics also tends to produce greater volumes of crops that often produce more leaves, fruit or flowers that plants grown in soil.

When plants are not grown in soil it eliminates the risk of them being affected by soil borne diseases such as parasites and fungi, which also means that there is no need to use harmful pesticides in order to grow plants successfully.

Hydroponics can also be used indoors in combination with grow lights, which means that seasonal plants can be cultivated all year round which means in terms of farming, more profit can be made which helps to sustain the farming industry.

Hydroponics for beginners

If you are thinking of having a go with hydroponics then follow these simple tips to get you started:

If you want to see if you can grow better plants using hydroponics there are lots of readymade kits, ready built systems, grow tent kits, grow lights and other equipment available online. You’ll also find lots of websites dedicated to hydroponic growing where you’ll be able to find clear instructions about how to get started with hydroponics.

If you’re wondering about which types of plants grow best using hydroponics opt for plants that have a small root system such as lettuce, tomatoes, herbs or strawberries. Although you can grow larger things, when you choose plants with small root systems you’ll be able to grow more in the space you have.

In general, the best way for a beginner to start is with a water culture hydroponics system. All you will need for this is an air pump and air stone, hydroponic nutrient solution, net pots, a box in which to grow your plants and of course some seedlings.

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