Sick and tired of those insanely-high utility bills?  Wondering how much damage you’re doing to the environment every time you set the air conditioner a little bit colder?

What if there was a way to save yourself some money AND give Mother Nature a helping hand?Install Solar Panels

Well, there is… It’s called a solar panel!

When you install solar panels on your roof, you get to power your home more efficiently.  That means you can be completely comfortable, without using up as much energy.

Install solar panels – Get these benefits:

1.  Reduce — or even eliminate — your monthly electricity bills

As soon as you get your solar panels up and running, you’ll be able to kiss those expensive utility bills goodbye.  In fact, studies show that homeowners can cut their electric bills in half by using solar panels!  That’s a conservative estimate, too.  Some solar power owners don’t use ANY electricity!

Either way, you’ll be using less electricity, so you’ll also be safeguarding yourself from rising electricity rates.  Those higher rates won’t mean much if you don’t use much!

2.  Pay for themselves

On the surface, solar panels may look too expensive to install.  Yes, installing them can be pricey, but when you consider all of the money they’ll save you on future electric bills, it’s easy to see that they’ll pay for themselves over time.

As an added benefit, solar panels have become more affordable in recent years.  That means they’ll pay for themselves even sooner!

3.  Give your home’s value a boost

Any upgrade will drive your home’s value up.  So, you can thank your solar panels for fetching you more money when you sell your home!

4.  Make you instant profits

You don’t necessarily have to sell your home in order to make some money off your solar panels.  In some places, electric companies use “net metering”.  Basically, that means that if your solar panels generate more energy than your home uses, the excess goes into the power company’s grid.  If that happens, you’ll get a credit for the electricity you add to the grid — meaning you could actually GET money at the end of the month, rather than PAYING it!

5.  Give you a tax break

If you live in the U.S., energy efficient improvements — like installing solar panels — allow you to deduct 30% of the installation cost on your next tax return.

If you live in Australia, your solar panels could help you take advantage of the Solar Credits multiplier — meaning you would get to take the number of STCs your solar panels create and multiply it by $30.  The final product is your credit!

6.  Help you live off the grid

Living off the grid — or eliminating the need for “normal” things, like the power company’s electricity or the water company’s water — has gotten more popular recently.  If you want to join the trend, solar panels will be a huge step towards doing it.

7.  Keep your curb appeal intact

As long as your roof is big enough, your solar panels can be installed so that you can’t see them from the street.  That way, the only thing that separates your home from the neighbors’ is all of the great energy savings!

Sam Nathan is a freelance writer. His interests include finance, sports, travel and health.

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