Whether it may be your patio or your porch, landscaping can do wonders to any designated area and turn it around completely. When you are landscaping your garden, it is essential to plan your lawn edging layouts properly in order to make the place both functional and visually appealing. Landscape edging can be done with a variety of materials, but the more inventive you are, the more outstanding your landscape is going to look.

Here are 10 phenomenal landscape edging ideas for you:

Pop some glass bottles

Wine bottles or any other colored glass bottles can be inverted and can be placed to form a unique edging in your garden. It is an artistic way of using recycled materials to add a pop of color to any area.

Japanese Style Rounded Pebbles

Rock stones and pebbles of various sizes can be rounded to give a nice soft look. These rounded pebbles can be placed together to form an edging. If you are trying to achieve a Zen Garden look, these pebbles are a must.

Natural Pinecone Edging

Pinecones come in a variety of sizes and colors. Pinecones create different shades of brown that give a strong contrast when placed next to a lush green. The best part is that since pinecones are pointy, they keep dogs out of your flower beds.

Rustic Old Wheel Rims

Old wheel rims can add an element of history and wow your area completely. Also, their design always makes you look through them which are an added advantage. You can place wheel rims of various sizes along the edges in a particular area.

Solid Steel pipes

Steel pipes with broad mouths can be placed in line to form a solid garden border. Each of these steel pipes can be filled with different elements like seashells, stones, marble pieces etc.Landscaping Edging Ideas - Bamboo

Adaptable Slate Chippings

For plants that have not grown as per expectations or have taken up more space than expected, soft gray slate chippings can be used to create a foil for edging plants.

Adjustable Logs Edging

When planning a themed garden, log edging works wonders to create a seaside atmosphere or a jungle atmosphere. If your theme is of a particular color, then you can color in shades that compliment your theme well. Also depending upon the area you wish to edge, you can adjust the height of the logs easily.

Simplistic Bamboo Lanscaping Edging

Bamboo edging can be used when you want to highlight the natural colors in the garden. Bamboo comes in a natural light yellow color that is not only soothing to the eyes but it also blends in with grass easily. Bamboo can be placed as per the bends in the edge and their height too can be tweaked.

Organic Rocky Edges

Since rocks are easily available in nature, using rocks for edging will help you create a border that blends in easily. You can use a variety of rocks such as sandstone, granite, blue metal, bush rock, quarry stone, shale etc. Rocks provide a neat, formal and structured look.

Red Brick Edging

Red bricks are really popular for edging as they can be used in a variety of ways. They can be installed flat on the ground or put in a standing or slanting manner. Plus, they can be removed and reinstalled easily.

This article is authored by George Kelly. He is one of the most sought after landscape architect and has worked for many well known celebrities. He feels installing concrete edging in ones house ensures style as well as privacy.

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