Maintaining a lawn!

You Too Can Maintain Your Own Lawn!

If your lawn is looking a little lacklustre, then you may be considering paving over it, or perhaps putting some decking down. Stop right there though! The good news is that it is really easy to restore a lawn to its former glory. All you need is a little time, a little love and some TLC. There are loads of things you can do to keep your lawn in prime condition, and you should definitely make the effort because a quality lawn sets off a house beautifully. It’s a place you can relax in the summertime – there’s nothing like lying in the grass to make you feel chilled out! It’s also somewhere for the kids to play. Lawns take a lot of abuse both from weather and from traffic, but it’s time you spent a little time getting it in good nick again. Here’s how:

Don’t Mow It Too Short

Maintaining a lawn: Do mow it too short

It’s really important that when you get the lawnmower out, you don’t mow the grass too short. You may be tempted to because it means there will be a longer period of time before you’ll need to do it again. But cutting grass too short is really bad for it, and it will struggle to recover.

Use a Good Fertiliser

Maintaining a lawn: It needs food - fertilizers

Lawns will always benefit from a good dose of fertiliser. It’s particularly useful if your lawn has bald patches. In this case, just get some grass seed, add some fertiliser and water it regularly. You’ll find it grows back in no time at all. Fertiliser is also really good at keeping weeds at bay – something that plagues every lawn. A well fertilised lawn will be lush, green and beautiful, so invest in some fertiliser today!

Weed Your Lawn

Maintaining a lawn: You have got to weed it - from time to time

There’s no way round it – from time to time you will have to get on your hands and knees and pull out all the weeds that threaten to take over the lawn. You may wish to use weed-killer, or some people choose to pull them out by the root from the ground. A weed-free lawn looks a lot tidier because the level of the grass is all the same – too many weeds growing at different speeds tends to make even a newly-mown lawn look messy.

Let it Breathe

Maintaining a lawn: Aerate it

Aerating is a great technique for improving the quality of the grass on your lawn. You simply take a small tool and make regular holes in the ground. This helps air get to the roots of the grass, and it is also great for making sure the moisture is getting to where it should. Some people put spiked shoes on and walk around their lawn to give it a good aerating, and other people use the prongs of a metal rake. Whatever your technique – make sure you do it regularly.

Every lawn will benefit from regular watering of course, so make sure you give it a good spray on a daily basis if the weather is warm. If it is raining you won’t have to. Beware of it getting too soaked too – you don’t want to drown it. A perfect lawn is only a few steps away – start right now!

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This post has been contributed by Anne James, an employee at a professional organic lawn care service provider. She is a carefree and happy go lucky person. Visit for ideas and information.

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