Moving house is not only a financial and emotional strain, but it can also have a negative impact on the environment as well. Despite most of us now conscious of our environmental responsibilities in our day to day life, it can be easy to forget to look after the world when our normal routine is interrupted.  Here are some simple ways you can stay green when undertaking a house move.

Make moving eco-friendly - We have Got To Go!

Have a clear out

Moving house is the perfect opportunity for you to clear out all your old and unwanted items, and make sure they are disposed of in an eco friendly way. When making a list of things to pack, think long and hard about each item and whether you will need it in your new place. The fewer items you bring with you, the less packing equipment you will need to use and the smaller your removals van will have to be: reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Once you have your list of unwanted items, consider the greenest way of getting rid of them. You may want to donate clothes and books to charity shops or recycling banks, as well as recycling old computer hardware.

Re-usable packing boxes

Packing up your belongings is the easiest place you can make your move more eco-friendly. Invest in reusable cardboard packing boxes or rent removals crates online. Reusable cardboard moving boxes can be folded up and stored away after the move, then brought out at another time of need. Alternatively, plastic crates can be rented by the week and collected again once you are finished with them. Both of these solutions will save on cardboard waste and help you stay green during your house move.

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Cleaning your old property and giving your new house a once around with the duster is par for the course when moving, so ensure that you remain green by using eco-friendly cleaning supplies. If you are serious about looking after your world, these will be a great investment for your new home. Eco-friendly products are packaged using recycled materials, aim to reduce carbon emissions, and try to use natural and renewable ingredients.

Be smart with utilities

Green Moving - Go Green SolutionsWhen you have your final move date in the diary, inform your utilities company in advance so that they can prepare for your move. This will involve arranging a final meter reading for your property, so you can be sure that you do not pay for any bills after you have moved out. It might also be worth shopping around utilities providers at this point to see if there is a better package for you out there. And once you have moved into your new home, see it as a fresh start to conserve as much energy as possible: this means switching off lights, saving water and turning appliances off standby!

Consider professional movers

If you are moving locally and do not have much to transport, save money and fuel emissions by using your own car to move your belongings rather than a van. However, if you are moving a long distance or if you have many large and bulky items to transport, it can actually work out kinder to your purse and to the environment to make one trip with a professional moving company than many small ones yourself.

Chloe is an English Literature graduate with a love for words, and finds this a useful skill to have when writing about different things. She also enjoys keeping fit by going on runs and dancing in her free time.

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