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Being friendly to the environment is becoming more and more popular. Doing so is even possible at work. How can you make your office more eco-friendly? Here are some ideas.

Office Volunteer Project

One of the ways to teach your employees about the importance of the environment is to set up a volunteer project. Everyone can go to the local park to do a clean-up, or the employees could submit their own suggestions.

Have Recycling Bins

If you do not even have recycling bins in the office, then you are not doing your part. It’s time to encourage employees to put their recyclable items in the correct place.

Turn Off The Lights

In certain cases, it will be necessary to keep a light on, at least outside, for security purposes. However, the majority of lights can be turned off when you are not in school.More eco-friendly office - Paperless

Choose Recycled Paper

In most offices, employees go through paper fairly quickly. Instead of just wasting all of this paper, you should choose recycled sheets. You can generally find this type of paper in the store, or you might want to learn how to recycle your own.

Encourage Carpooling

If all of your employees are driving to work each day, then obviously too much gas is being wasted. You should ask your employees to start carpooling with one another, and they can save the environment and some money on gas.

Encourage Alternative Transportation Methods

Maybe carpooling does not work for the employees in your office. Of course, you cannot force them to take public transportation; however, you can provide them with schedules for the trains, buses and other modes of transportation available in the area.

Choose Organic Foods

Organic foods are one of the ways to protect the environment because harmful chemicals are not used in making these products. Stock up the office refrigerator with organic products. Always choose foods that are 100 percent organic. Otherwise, you do not have a guarantee of true organic foods.More eco-friendly office

Hire a Professional

You should look into hiring an environmentalist to come to the office to see how specific improvements can be made for your office. This person can let you know what certain problems you have in the office and how they can be addressed.

Using Less Water

In the bathroom, you should post signs reminding people to turn off the water when they are not using it. You can even have the automatic sinks that turn off after a certain amount of time.

Print on Both Sides

Another way to save on the amount of paper you use, print on both sides of the paper. Basically, you are cutting the total amount of paper used at work in half. Truly, when you decide that you want to make your office more eco-friendly, it is quite possible to do so.

Michelle is a small business owner who recently decided to rent office space in Melbourne. She is a passionate environmentalist and believes that every business has an obligation to ensure that they operate in an eco-friendly manner. 

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