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Not so long ago, living green was considered quirky or even weird. Now it has moved from weird to trendy to almost normal. There is information everywhere about how simple, everyday changes can help improve the world we live in. Sadly, amid all of the talk of being green, many people still overlook the smallest, most obvious things that could help the environment. Following are easy ways that you really can have an impact. If you haven’t already made these changes in your everyday life, now is a good time to start.Make The World  Greener Place

Stop Drinking Bottled Water:

There was a lot of scoffing taking place when bottled water first hit store shelves a few decades ago. Times have changed. Americans now consume around 1,500 bottles of water per second. Only one in five water bottles is recycled. The rest are in landfills or polluting the countryside and waterways, taking up to 1,000 years to decompose. The roughly 17,000,000 barrels of oil it takes to produce water bottles annually could fuel 1,000,000 cars for that same period.

Buy a reusable water bottle and fill it from your tap. If you dislike the taste of tap water, get an inexpensive filter for your tap, or have water delivered. If you simply must buy bottled water (at roughly 1,000 times the cost of tap water) at least recycle the bottles.

Purchase Reusable Tote Bags for Shopping:

Like water bottles, plastic bags are made from petroleum, they do not decompose easily, and their convenience does not make up for the harm they do to the environment. Approximately 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year. Paper bags are not a good option, either. They require up to four times as much energy to produce as plastic, and while they are biodegradable and are recycled at a higher rate, their production requires vast numbers of trees to be harvested.

Reusable tote bags make perfect sense. They are stronger than plastic or paper bags, plus they carry more so you will need fewer of them. You can take them anywhere and they serve many functions. This is a simple step to take that will make a huge difference.

Combine Your Trips:

With the price of fuel constantly going up, driving less makes sense from a personal standpoint. It makes sense from an environmental standpoint also. If you can put off going to the store until you have other stops to make, you will save trips, save money, and help your air quality.

Adjust Your Thermostat:

We’ve been hearing for years that just a few degrees can make a big difference in our energy costs, and it’s true. You need not freeze in winter or boil in summer to have an impact. A timer on your thermostat is also a great idea, as it can adjust the temperature to use less fuel when you are at work or school and keep it comfortable when you are home.

If you think you can’t make a difference because you are only one person, think again. All of the man-made environmental hazards we deal with today grew into problems one person at a time, and that is the only way to solve them. Make these simple changes now and watch the world become a greener place.

Naomi Nelson is passionate about helping others find ways to reduce their footprint on earth. If you are looking for more tips on going green, Naomi recommends visiting http://www.echoinggreen.org/blog.

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