Make your life easier - Fake it Make Your Life Easier & Fake The Green: Not For Go Green Enthusiasts!

Households don’t half generate some work! Looking after a house and garden, and keeping it clean, is enough to send anyone into a spin. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep on top of all of the household chores. We got to thinking – surely there are plenty of corners that we could cut here and there? Why make life any harder for yourself than you have to? These days, artificial things can look as genuine as the real thing, so why not use them? Here are just some of the many artificial things that you can have in your house:

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Tree - Make your life easier

A few years ago, artificial Christmas trees just looked…artificial. Some people tried them out while others preferred to stick with the real thing. These days though, artificial Christmas trees look pretty convincing! Once you’ve purchased one, you’ll never have to spend out on a Christmas tree again – just keep it in storage throughout the rest of the year. Real Christmas trees are getting more and more expensive, and they also create an awful lot of cleaning – sweeping needles from the floor has to be a daily job at Christmas – a time when there is so much more to do.

An Artificial Lawn

Hands up who enjoys mowing their lawn?! We don’t! It’s one of those jobs that has to be done regularly otherwise things get out of control, especially in the summer. Some people hire a gardener in to do it for them as they just can’t face the task. There is a growing trend in garden design, and that’s to have artificial grass laid down. It looks just as good as the real thing (if not better, as it’s constantly green!), and it requires absolutely no maintenance. Why waste time tending a real lawn when you can have a fake one that looks and feels great?

Artificial Flowers

Where have all teh flowers gone: Looking for an easier life

Freshly cut flowers in vases really help to make a house look like a home. However, not only are fresh flowers expensive, they also require a lot of looking after to keep them at their best. They need regular watering and feeding with plant food. A much better option is to go and buy some really beautiful artificial flowers. You can take your pick from all sorts of tropical types of flower, and simply pop them in a vase and there they’ll sit, adding a splash of color to every corner of your house. The only thing you’ll need to do is dust them down every now and again, or wipe them with a damp sponge. Anything that is low-maintenance AND saves you money has to be a good thing right?!

Artificial Fruit

Fake it - don't eat it: making life easier

A bowl of fruit looks gorgeous in any kitchen, but in reality what tends to happen is people buy loads of fruit, it doesn’t get eaten, and it ends up rotting in the bowl. Not such a good look! Buy a bowl of artificial fruit and that’s your problem solved.

Save yourself loads of time and money with low-maintenance artificial additions to your house!

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Today’s feature writer, Greg Smith, is part of the social media team at Forest Grass, a company dealing in indoor artificial lawns. He is a complete foodie and he enjoys exploring the cultures and cuisines around his vicinity during his free time. Log on to to know about his team.

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