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The size of your workplace will directly influence how much energy you use. Therefore the larger your office space, the harder you will need to work to make it energy efficient and more eco-friendly. Not only will doing this help the environment but it can also help the reputation of your company, as well as save you a lot of money.

How to save power

An unattended powered-up computer is one of the biggest contributors to wasted power in the workplace. So often, you will walk around your office only to see multiple computers, still switched on but with no one operating them. It is estimated this alone wastes approximately £235 million each year. Not only is this a shocking amount of money to be wasted but it means millions of tonnes of CO2 are also being released needlessly into the environment.

There are many ways to combat this:

– Make it office ‘law’ any computer left unattended above a set length of time (i.e. 15, 20, 25 minutes) must be switched off, or at the very least switched to an energy efficient mode. Get your IT department to set all computer settings to suit this new initiative.

– Invest in smart technology. For instance there are many power-saving devices on the market which are designed to link into your computers, printers and the like and once switched on or pressed, immediately switch whatever it’s linked in to, to the most energy-efficient mode. Many of these devices will also keep record of how much energy and money you are saving each time it is used, which helps incentivise people to keep using them.

– Also available on the market are clever plug extensions which you can plug your computer and monitor in to, as well as other equipment, such as a printer and a fan. The extension is useful because it combats people’s inability to remember to switch all office equipment off at the end of the day. It works by recognising when you have switched off your computer and so will also cut all power to whatever else is plugged into it.

Embrace solar power technology

When people hear the phrase solar power, their mind immediately goes to visions of the panels which people install on the roofs of their houses. Whilst you can do this to your office if you want to and it will no doubt save you money in the long run, there are also other exciting solar options for you to choose from.

– Solar chargers for your laptops, phones, mobile devices and cameras are one such option. There are a large range of solar chargers available, from small handheld chargers, which you just place next to your laptop and plug it in, to larger solar panel covered laptop bags. These chargers are obviously ideal for workers who are often out and about or for taking into meeting rooms in the office where plug sockets may not be readily available for everyone. Make your office more eco-friendly

These chargers save you money and cut down on the amount of power you have to use charging your devices, whilst also making it easier to take your devices with you and ensure they’re always charged.

Energy efficient appliances

With all the advances that have been made in technology over the past 10 years, especially in terms of energy-savings, there is no excuse not to have them in your office. You may not think it is worth the initial investment but trust that it will be. Not only can you end up cutting your power bills by a lot of money but depending on what goods you buy, you may even be subject to certain tax breaks. At the very least, it is worth researching!

Most goods will now have some kind of energy rating displayed on them, so always make sure you are aware of this before spending any money. You should be aware of how efficient everything is, no matter how big or small, from your office fridge, dishwasher and computer monitors right through to your office kettle as all can make a difference.

Eco-friendly interior design

You may be surprised to know that simple interior design decisions can help your office be a lot more eco-friendly, as well as also save you a lot of money. For instance, think about all your office fittings, such as curtains, blinds and light fixtures. A quick search online will show you how much heat you might be losing, or how you’ll never be able to keep your office cool, by simply not having the best window coverings installed.

For instance, it is worth putting up energy-saving blinds. These are blinds that have a solar protective covering, which means your office will be protected from the heat in the summer and stay cool. Whilst in winter, these blinds will also help to insulate the office, keeping it and your staff warm.

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