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There are umpteen ideas that keep pouring in from individuals from all parts of the globe in their endeavor to be Green and Eco-Friendly but putting these into practice is much easier said than done. These days the government as well as the various agencies concerned with protection of the planet and working for the preservation of the environment are, generally speaking, doing their best to make it work and become a reality.  In addition, many people who are already environmentally conscious have increased the ante.

Green & Eco-friendly - Go green

Countries the world over must must unite together in this endeavor and make the mission to “Save the Earth” a common agenda for all of us now as well as for the future generations to come. Living a Green and Eco-Friendly life is one of the first measures that can be taken to solve the problem.

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As it very well known that charity begins at home, we must therefore take that first step to being Green and Eco-Friendly and making our lives equally safe. To help you get your creative juices flowing, here are a few that you could start off with to make your day to day living Green and Eco-Friendly.

Green Eco-friendly Ideas

Firstly, you could start off by using hand made or recycled paper that does not require wood as a raw material for manufacturing it. Reducing our use of wood products, could help us in protecting our forests.   Eco-friendly paper - Go greenProtecting our forest and our flora will help us protect our fauna – our wild life, and this is one of prime importance for the future of the planet. Using hand made Green and Eco-Friendly paper can go a long way in creating awareness to be environmentally friendly.

Secondly, you could make your surrounding free of pollution by increasing your use of using solar energy for your appliances. That’s a win-win. You save  and the environment benefits. Plus, you could use appliances that are Green and Eco-Friendly. By using solar energy you are preserving the fast depleting fuel energy that is non-renewable. Solar energy being a renewable source of energy is equally effective for all your power needs.

Thirdly, using Green and Eco-Friendly cars can be one of the wise things to do if you are really concerned about environmental preservation. Using these eco vehicles can help in reducing pollution in the atmosphere, particularly fuel emissions in to the air. Eco-Friendly Car - Go GreenFurthermore, it is far cheaper than using petrol, the cost of which is escalating day by day.

It is now our responsibility to work upon reducing green house gas emissions by using Green and Eco-Friendly vehicles. Most of these vehicles can be customized for your needs so it seems even more sensible to use them as it is more convenient.


Other Eco-friendly Tips

There are many manufacturers that produce items that are Green and Eco-Friendly. Products like the remote control that we use a major part of the day needs to be safe and healthy for physical contact. So using appliances and products that are Green and Eco-Friendly can be very helpful not only to you but also to the environment.Eco-Friendly Kettle - Go GreenSo remember when you plan to buy equipment or an appliance you need to ensure that it is Green and Eco-Friendly and that you are contributing your bit to the safe upkeep of the planet.

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