Natural Gas & Go Green Solutions: Low Cost & Eco-Friendly

Purchasing the cheapest commodity is not always the best decision, however when it comes to the cheapest gas, it’s the right decision. Knowing the facts about natural gas helps the consumer understand why this gas is affordable, reliable, and clean.

Cheap, Clean & Affordable Natural gas

Natural Gas Is Affordable

Whenever the market for energy is local, the price will be lower. In the United States, natural gas is plentiful and that brings the price down. Although natural gas can be shipped to foreign ports, the easiest and most practical method of transport is through pipelines. When winters are mild, suppliers have an extra supply, which contributes to reduced prices and lower production. In recent years, new fracking technology has improved production and increased availability.

Natural Gas Is Clean

Clean burning natural gas is being used more and more for the production of electricity. Much cleaner than the coal that has been used for decades, natural gas produces a miniscule amount of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide during combustion and emits almost no sulfur dioxide or particulate matter, resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint than that left by the burning of coal.

Natural Gas Is Abundant

Although not qualifying as a renewable energy source, natural gas is found in over 100 countries of the world. A recent report compiled for the U.S. Department of Energy concluded in part, “North America has a large, economically accessible natural gas resource base that includes significant sources of unconventional gas, such as shale gas. This resource base could supply over 100 years of demand at today’s consumption rates.” Some scientists are experimenting with renewable natural gas, which is basically a biogas that has been upgraded to the quality of a fossil fuel.

Natural Gas Is Versatile

It’s ability to be used in many ways for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes give natural gas the type of versatility needed to become the most affordable and popular form of energy for general use. It can heat, cool, provide lighting, generate electricity, and power cars. The future of natural gas promises new technology developments to further improve and increase the versatility of this clean fossil fuel.

Natural Gas For The Chemical Industry

The chemical industry relies heavily on natural gas as a power source. Natural gas is also the base feedstock for the majority of products produced by the chemical industry. Natural gas is critical to the production of fertilizer, which cannot be made without it. The chemical sector of industry is the largest user of energy. It was only a few years ago that high oil prices were responsible for many petrochemical manufacturers deciding to move their operations to the Middle East and Asia. Low natural gas prices and ethane-rich shale in the United States are bringing old companies back and enticing new foreign companies to move their operations to the west.

Natural Gas And Hydraulic Fracturing

Natural gas is playing a major role in reviving American manufacturing. Many investors feel there is a renaissance occurring in manufacturing because of new technology making it easy to deliver shale gas. While “fracking” is not new, advances in technology have improved the process. Hydraulic fracturing occurs when there is an injection of water, sand, and chemicals into shale rock formations. In a Tribune Chronicle article, Martha Yoder writes, “Natural gas and hydraulic fracturing are certainly not perfect or without risk, but no energy source is. As a matter of fact, most things in this world are risky. For example, there is an average of over 30,000 deaths per year by automobile accidents in the United States. We risk death every time we drive, and yet we continue to use automobiles. With fracking, we need to do the same thing.”

Natural Gas Is Safe

Natural gas has been in use for decades, but as with any fuel source there is always the question of safety. Just how safe is natural gas? Natural gas has no odor, taste, or color. A chemical additive by the name of mercaptan is required by law to be added to the gas so users can detect if there is a leak by the unpleasant odor. According to the American Gas Association, “safety-related incidents have decreased 29 percent since 1988 — even though natural gas usage has risen 20 percent.”

Natural gas is the clean fossil fuel that is growing in popularity and has the potential to cut back dependence on foreign sources of energy in those countries with natural gas reserves. This cheap gas is making a name for itself in all sectors of life. The homes, businesses, and industries using this eco-friendly gas find it to be reliable, affordable, and efficient.

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