The Fax Machine is Killing The Planet – Long Live The Planet!

Guys, if you are still using the antiquated fax device, it’s time to wake up.

The darned device is wreaking havoc on and choking our beloved Mother Earth. Yes, it is killing the planet.  Here are a few factors that will help you to see the futility of working with these traditional fax devices:

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A fax device is manufactured using environment-unfriendly plastics that stay on Mother Earth for almost forever and extract their pound of flesh by filling up our landfills with toxic waste. Most enlightened folks are giving up on plastics – why do you want to use them? Why not subscribe to an Internet fax service instead of buying a fax device?

Human impact - killing the planet

The Human Impact Upon Our Planet—TWSS Photography (


A fax device costs a lot of money, and the costs are not just limited to the device itself. You have to buy the device, make space for it in your office, place it on suitable furniture, buy a dedicated phone connection to hook it up with, buy fax rolls to feed it with, and then appoint an employee to administer the machine and send or receive faxes. You also need to pay for electricity, which is required to operate the device 24/7.

This is hugely cumbersome and expensive. It eats into your time and kills your productivity. Moreover, it wastes your monetary resources – you are throwing good cash on damaged goods. Instead of a buying a fax device and going through this nonsense, you can always subscribe to a fax-to-email service at a low, low fee, and you will not have to face any of the hurdles mentioned above. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, and faxing across the world becomes real smooth.

Toxicity, Trees & Viewability

Faxes sent over a fax device have to be printed at the other end. For that you need fax paper and toner. The toner comes loaded with toxic ink and the paper comes coated with loads of chemicals. These pollute the atmosphere and buying such toxic supplies makes us environmentally-irresponsible.

Trees are chopped to make paper and America wastes truckloads of fax paper every day.

Our Home, Our Life - Killing The PlanetDespite all this wastage and toxicity, a fax device does not work efficiently. Words and lines get smudged or the output becomes skewed. Why should we even bother working with a fax device when we can send faxes over email these days, using the internet?


A fax device is agonizingly slow. You have to insert paper, bend over to dial the numbers and hit the right buttons and then stand by to ensure that the document goes through. If you have a voluminous document to send, God help you.


The fax device is slowly killing our productivity and choking Mother Earth – in short, killing the planet. It’s time to become technologically savvy and junk it and switch over to more modern go green solutions like online faxing.

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Jeanine C. Price is a socially conscious blogger from Seattle who hopes to make a difference in the world, one post at a time.

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