A hot or warm climate can create challenges for organic gardening choices. Organic gardening is completely different from the traditional style of gardening and it requires extensive research before making any attempts. Choosing the right plant is highly essential because you need to determine what plants can tolerate such high temperatures and environment conditions. Since fungi and pests thrive in such climates, applying the proper pest control methods is crucial for organic gardens to thrive. Without the proper research, your strategies in organic gardening may not be successful as desired.

Tip #1 – Choose The Right Plants For Organic Gardening In Warm Climates

All plants will have different climate preferences. Some may thrive in humid climates and others in high temperatures, but these plants will not be able to survive in both humid and heat. This is why you need to find the right plants that can grow healthy and survive. Organic Gardening - Green SolutionsYou can opt to switch from perennial plants to annual plants in organic gardening, but you will have to give more attention to annual plants. As such, most organic gardeners often balance these plants for better results. To get a variety of plants deemed suitable for organic gardening in your area, you can visit the local nurseries and choose plants that can also provide color and variety to your garden while being tolerable to heat and garden pests.

Tip #2 – Organic Mulch: Your Number One Ally

Your number one ally in organic gardening is organic mulch which plays a very important role in warm climates. Organic mulch can help keep garden soil cool during the summer and increase moisture retention during hotter temperatures. It can also prevent weed from growing, adds nutrients and improves aeration as it decomposes. Overall, it can mitigate the severe effects that hot and even humid weather bring while avoiding plant invasions.

Considering the benefits of organic mulch to an organic garden, you need to be extra careful when you obtain the materials for your mulch. A common mistake that many organic gardeners make is not verifying if the materials they buy from farmers and use for their organic mulch had not been treated with herbicide and other harmful chemicals. To avoid making such a mistake, you can simply accumulate the needed materials such as leaves, weeds and leaves from your own yard as they can be used as mulch.

Tip #3 – Only Apply Organic Pest Control

Organic mulch can already keep pests away and the right plants in your organic garden can easily adapt to the proper care you provide. Mulch can protect your garden from weeds and by planting trees you will be attracting birds that can feed on pests that are harmful to your garden. Choose your plants wisely and keep away from monocultures as they are prone to pests than a wider variety of plants.

Consider placing physical pest control traps or organic pesticides which can be bought in many nurseries that cater to organic gardening. However, since warmer and humid climates can sometimes affect the way you control pests in your garden, consulting and hiring the services of a pest control professional specializing in eco-friendly treatments is necessary to eradicate numerous of pests in an organic garden.


Valerie Williams is a freelance writer specializing in organic gardening and eco-friendly pest control methods. She also recommends Preventive Pest Control for effective and safe pest control treatments in organic gardens.

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