Organic Skin Care

Whether it’s organic skin care or not, you do need some skin care. Our skin is made up of delicate tissue that helps to protect our body from the harmful effects of nature. High pollution levels found in the surrounding atmosphere, exposure to contamination through water and various other reasons Organic Skin Care - Going Green such as stress and wrong diets render the skin susceptible in a number of ways.

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Who Needs This?

With some folks, dull and unhealthy-looking skin, dark spots, pigmentation, dried and parched pallor, blemishes, acne, and various other eruptions on the skin are a common feature. Pampering the skin with over-the-counter creams and lotions manufactured with a load of chemicals may not always be good. Instead, following a regime of Organic Skin Care is a safer way to maintain healthy-looking skin.

Is it Really Organic Skin Care?

The thin line of demarcation between an organic ingredient and a natural ingredient depends on the way it is processed or grown. Anything organic would imply or suggest that there has been absolutely no chemical exposure to the ingredient in any form whereas a natural ingredient might have been exposed to various pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This differentiation is NOT necessarily true and in some cases it’s outright false. Not withstanding that possible aberration,  using naturally grown Organic Skin Care products can go a long way in helping you cut back on your expenses when buying cosmetics available over the counter.

Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils such as Tea Tree are considered to be good and healthy products when you are seeking Organic Skin Care. The oil is said to contain certain properties that prevent skin contaminants from entering the pores of the skin, and helps to keep bacteria and virus at bay.This oil is also very good for toenail fungus as summarized in the video clip below.

Using Tea Tree oil on the skin is said to be effective for restoring and maintaining the pH balance of the skin, and this is an important part of having smooth-looking toned skin.

Fruit Extracts

These days in order to promote the use of Organic Skin Care, fruit extracts as well as the peel are greatly in demand. The oils of certain fruits such as grapefruit, avocado, peach, etc. are extracted and used in the manufacturing process. Such fruits are believed to be specially grown organically.

Other fruit masks include peel of an orange or the pulp of a papaya nurtured organically to bring that extra glow on the face.

The qualities of tomato as a soothing remedy from sunburns are also another effective way to rope in Organic Skin Care regimen. A slice or two of tomato rubbed on the skin is believed to have wonderful effects.

Organic Skin Care Scrub

Dull-looking pallor, blackheads, whiteheads and debris of dead tissue can easily be removed from the face and neck and given a stimulating facelift literally by making use of a home-made Organic Skin Care scrub.

Making the home-made scrub is a simple task.

  • Just a tablespoon of oats
  • A few drops of lime juice
  • A quarter spoon of yoghurt
  • Mix them all together and rub on the facial skin gently. This will produce amazing  results.

Treating Oily Skin

For those with an oily skin, Organic Skin Care ingredients taken from the household items are very useful. These include items such as fuller’s earth or a blend of almond ground with milk. Application of Organic Skin Care masks brings back the glow to the face and neck and helps in tightening the skin collagen as well.

Organic Skin Care - Use Aloe Vera - Go Green

Choices are wide with Organic Skin Care products, but caution needs to be exercised in identifying the genuine ones from the faked products. There are many such products that claim to be wholly organic but this is far from the truth and may do more harm than good for the skin.

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