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While you’re wondering which electricity tariff will give you the most power for the pence, consider alternative opportunities for nabbing the best deal for your energy needs. These outside-the-box electricity price comparison ideas can jump start your brainstorming for new ways to save on power. Since predictions claim that energy costs will continue to rise–possibly even doubling in as little as five years–it could be well worth it to adopt new ideas for tackling the looming electricity bill that’s doubtless headed your way.

Electricity price comparison

The Ultimate in Recycling

Over the past few decades, recycling has become so ubiquitous that no one gives it a second thought anymore. Plastics, aluminum, paper products, glass and more are quickly discarded in handy dandy bins, poised for the recycling plant without ever a second thought. It’s a bit odd now to think that it wasn’t always that way.

Yet, there’s a grander recycling scheme that has been a sorely missed opportunity for the population at large to latch onto. It’s a well-known and proven process that’s long been in use in the UK, quietly and effectively processing sewage and sludge for over a hundred years. But its capabilities go far beyond processing the muck no one likes to think about. This same processor can turn all kinds of biomatter into clean, usable electricity. The good news is that its popularity is growing–74 more facilities have come online in the past year alone–but the time has come for this energy source to become wildly mainstreamed.

This magical method of energy generation is accomplished through a process called anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion is akin to composting on a mega level. It has the ability to take huge amounts of organic rubbish matter, extract the methane from the mass as it breaks down, and convert that gas into usable energy in the form of electricity or gas. The end product can even be formulated to use as transportation fuel.

Just as you regularly collect plastic and glass bottles into a bin for recycling, imagine collecting food scraps from your meals and putting it into a biomass collector. Easy, right? Now, picture all consumers across the nation doing the same thing. Add in restaurants and grocery stores, florists and farms, and any other facility that produces organic waste doing the same thing. Everyone’s bio trash becomes a gold mine of fuel. It’s essentially the King Midas touch put upon garbage.

So, why aren’t anaerobic digesters all over the place? The fact is, there are already over a hundred anaerobic digester facilities in the UK, with more than 150 additional facilities in the works.

Save With Wind Energy…Even If You’re Not a Wind Power Customer

Residents are now being empowered to refuse onshore wind farm installations in their local communities, despite such refusals hindering the goals of hitting national targets to achieve greater electricity generation through the ecologically friendly devices. The ability of residents and councils to turn away wind farms is evident in Dunbeath Estates in Caithness, Workington in Cumbria, and in Polegate. Emboldened by the decision announced by the Department for Communities and Local Government, more people are rising up and saying “no” to giant, noisy turbines in their figurative backyards.

But there’s an offer being made by wind farm companies that has some citizens rethinking their responses to an eager “yes.”

Those who live near certain onshore wind farms may be eligible to receive energy rebates from the mills, even if the local consumers do not use wind farm sourced energy. It’s essentially a nuisance compensation paid in exchange for the bother created by the turbines’ presence, but at £100 per year for the life of the wind farm–typically expected to be approximately twenty-five years–that’s a lot of dough to come blowing in from the field. Payment figures may adjust upward if more turbines are installed in a particular wind farm, reflecting the £5,000 per megawatt of installed capacity now authorized.

It might not be worth a move on its own account, but if you’re already considering a relocation to an area where wind farms are present or slated to be installed, and you don’t mind the modern scenery of the behemoth turbines, then it might behoove you to consider moving to an area where this benefit is available.

Brainstorm Power

What other outside-the-box electricity price comparison ideas can you come up with? Use some of your own natural energy to brainstorm additional ideas. You might devise the next new eco-friendly answer to energy savings.

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