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The paper shredder is an integral part of office equipment. Some common uses of shredders are waste reduction, recycling and making packaging material. This device is frequently used to get rid of unwanted papers and other waste materials. These include documents, files, floppy and computer printouts, compact disks, tissue paper, wood planks, plastics, and others.

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Paper shredders and their uses

Shredder - Go GreenMost organizations have confidential business or personal information that needs to be protected from prying eyes. Walk into any office and you will find paper shredder being used to cut files, checks, receipts, bank statements and other documents into tiny unrecognizable pieces before being thrown into the garbage.

Shredders and their types

Shredders can be classified into various categories, depending on the purpose for which they have been designed. A good stationery store will generally stock the following kinds of shredders for home and office use:

• Shredders for high volume paper

• Chip shredders for leaves, wood and other heavy duty material

• Cardboard shredders for empty boxes. These devices help to save precious office or warehouse space, and are usually used by packaging companies, shipping companies and warehouses.

• CD shredders are used to retrieve and destroy the data contained in CDs and make them unreadable. These devices are primarily used by defense departments.

• Industrial shredders are designed to destroy large volumes of papers and other material in very little time.

• Departmental shredders are used in banks, government departments and corporate offices for getting rid of heavy duty material.

Shredders can also be classified according to their size.  Paper Shredder - Go Green

• Personal shredders or those designed for home or small office use are generally small and compact devices that can fit in anywhere. Also known as desk-side shredders, these lightweight devices are available in different models and are mostly used to shred papers.

• Tabletop shredders are similar to personal shredders, and are largely meant for individual use. They can also be used in small offices.

• Large businesses or those that need to destroy large numbers of papers regularly require a standard shredder. This is a large sized device that can manage hundreds or thousands of papers at a time. Standard shredders are mainly designed for commercial purposes.

It is essential to choose the right shredder or you will be saddled with one that is too small or too large for your needs. It’s a good idea to jot down the things you need your device to do and identify a shredder that matches your criteria.

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