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A good place to start when thinking about purchasing a PV System (Photo-voltaic System) is by having a look at your past energy consumption (2 years would be a good start) and deciding what amount of that you intend to use.

Space required for installation of PV Systems needs to be taken into consideration as should your budget for this venture into the unknown.

There are plenty of suppliers available on the market so shopping around would help you gauge costs and different models. Ask for demos and also ask to see installed models so you have an idea of size. Make sure that the grid system is explained in detail and ask about rebates and penalties incurred, if any. Inform yourself beforehand so that you are well prepared and to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If you are not familiar with PV Systems you would imagine that all panels are alike. This is definitely not the case and it is essential that you consider other factors besides price and quality before making a decision.

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If you have done your homework well you would have realised by now that the best solar panels are manufactured and assembled mechanically, by robots, as this would signify precision available only through computerised models.PV Systems

Cells soldered by hand generally generate more resistance resulting in power produced within the cell to pass through the panel. This would result in less units being produced. Even the untrained eye will be able to master this discrepancy between mechanical and man-made production.

For PV Systems installed close to the sea one has to be aware that certain certificates exist which guarantee the panels against salt corrosion. All good models should have a standard certificate to show for so make sure you look this up on the Internet or ask the supplier to prove this.

It was always believed that hot weather produces better results with solar energy but, surprisingly, this is not the case exactly. It has been revealed that crystalline panels lose much of their efficiency in temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. So, if you do live in torrid countries make sure that you check if the material used for the panels is durable enough so as not to sacrifice quality.

As mentioned earlier there is an abundance of suppliers to choose from so it would be best to select a supplier who deals exclusively in alternative energy or solar panels.

This article is about “PV Systems Hardcore” and was written by Enviko PV Systems.

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