Recycling Old Greeting Cards – Fun For Green Enthusiasts

Greetings cards are great to receive on the day, whether for a birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day, but they do tend to generate a lot of clutter over time. Drawers full of old cards, or an ever growing bag of Christmas cards, can start to become a bit of a problem. However, there are many ways to take old greeting cards out of their boxes and turn them into a fun activity. Some of the best ways to recycle old greeting cards are to think about how they can be easily adapted for different uses around the home. Moreover, old cards can be turned into new cards, and all types of cards can be used as part of children’s activities. The following list builds on the potential of cards for new uses:

1 – Decorations

Old cards can be easily reworked into different shapes and sizes. Some of the best options for doing so include turning cards into Christmas tree decorations, as well as making them into picture frames. The versatility of card shapes and sizes also means that you can cut them into unusual shapes and use them as ornaments around the house. Card trees can be made from a number of different source cards, and represents a great opportunity for activities with children. Old Christmas cards similarly make for excellent gift tags.

Cereal Box Mailers - Recycle Old Greeting Cards

2 – Miniature Card Boxes

One unusual way to make the most of your old greetings cards is to turn them into Christmas card boxes. You can achieve this effect by flattening out a card, and folding them with other cards to make a box. Card sides can be glued together to make a box design, with room left for a lid. A practical solution for storing old cards, further instructions on how to make these boxes can be found online.

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3 – New Cards

Perhaps the simplest way of dealing with old cards is to turn them into new cards. This process is straightforward, and involves overlaying the front of a card with a new blank sheet or design, as well as laying a new sheet of paper over an old interior page. Can be completed across multiple cards to ensure that previous year’s cards are not wasted.

Paper Recycle Bale - Recycle Old Greeting Cards

4 – Bookmarks

Old greetings cards make for excellent bookmarks, although they might sometimes have to be cut down in size. Cards can also be trimmed in this way to make multiple bookmarks, and can also be drawn over and decorated to create personalised cards.

5 – Children’s Activities

The potential to recycle old greeting cards also extends to using them in a range of children’s activities. As well as cutting cards up to make decorations, children can also become involved in personalising blank cards. Another, more adventurous option is to use old cards as the basis for origami. Making sure that all cutting and gluing is safely handled, cards can be folded into new shapes. Most of these activities can be carried out in home, or can be used as part of children’s school activities and projects. Origami offers a particularly strong way for getting younger children involved in crafts.


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