Recycling Can Save Money & It Can Make Money!

If you live in even a small city of the United States, there is probably a scrapyard within a few miles of your home. This is the place people take their recyclables to exchange for cash on the spot. Aluminum, iron, steel, copper and more all have a value which varies from day to day according to how the stock market is doing.

This is just one of the ways you can get back some of the money you spend on consumables and other ways to save money by recycling do exist. Rather than strictly recycling, you need to be open to both reducing the amount you use and reusing what you can as well. All of these methods help to cut down on the Earth’s burden while saving you money, a feel good exchange that benefits just about everyone.

Reduce Your Use and Costs

If you use less of something, that thing will last for a longer time before you need to get more. This is true of everything; if you drive a little less, gasoline will last a little longer. Eating smaller meals will keep you in food for a longer time.

This is a very practical way for you to make the amount you already have last longer than it usually does. The way this saves you money is easy to see; if you’re spending less, you have more leftover to use later, on something else. There are some things you can’t reduce too much, like the amount of food you eat in a day or the water you need to drink every few hours.

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You could spend a little less to get a little more food though; as for the water, that’s free or close enough anyhow. If something doesn’t cost much to begin with, using as much as you want is no problem.

Reuse Whatever You Can

So you’ve bought a bottle of juice and emptied the contents, drinking them with one meal or another. What you have left when you’re done isn’t just an empty bottle. It could be a lot of things depending on what you need and your level of insight.

If you’re a gardener, then you already know you can start off new seeds in old plastic bottles. Chopping them in half and filling the bottom with dirt is a great way to make a quick, cheap planter. It also keeps another bottle out of a landfill somewhere in the world. Cutting off just the top of a bottle leaves most of the shape left.

You could then fill it with pens and pencils or whatever else you need to sort into a smaller, more easily identified space. Never spend money on another planter or pencil case again! This works for much more than plastic bottles, though those bottles are a constant example of things which should be reused rather than dumped.

Don’t Forget Recycling

While taking your scrap metal, paper and cardboard to a local yard doesn’t exactly save you money, it does bring back a return on what was essentially lost. Copper is worth a couple bucks a pound and aluminum is about a quarter of that.

A few cans isn’t much metal but what about a few thousand? Recycling isn’t just about saving money but also earning it by taking scrap out of the environment and bringing it to a place where it can be melted down and repurposed.

If you’ve ever seen people driving around a truck full of spent refrigerators, washers, dryers and other appliances, you’ve probably seen scrappers before. There is a fair amount of money to be made in digging through other people’s garbage for the gleaming good bits, but that does entail more work than just reusing stuff you would normally throw out.

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