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We are often told to reuse, reduce and recycle. These were considered to be environment friendly practices, but they are also part of the going green lifestyle we are now promoting. With our increased use of eco friendly and energy efficient bulbs we must now consider recycling CFLs. The truth be told, we really need to cut back on what we consume and reduce or recycle whenever we can.



In this  case of recycling, we are looking some options for handling these CFL bulbs. These bulbs are very good for the environment and for our wallets – they actually save us money right away, because we can reduce our energy consumption by about 75% when we replace an incandescent bulb with a CFL or twirly bulb. When we reduce our energy consumption, we reduce our energy bill and we save money, and yes we are going green.

However, like everything else, these bulbs have a limited life – a long one, but limited just the same. When they die, when they stop working, we have to get rid of them safely – we have to safely dispose of them. Why? Because they contain traces of mercury and this toxic element is bad for the environment and for our food chain. Going green requires us to pay attention to what is happening around us.


Recycling and going green

Eco-friendly living demands committed acts of responsibility. We must recycle and we must recycle properly. Going green demands it.

Some parting tips  on going green

  • Save big bucks by getting rid of unused but still plugged in appliances, like that old refrigerator in the barn or garage. Refrigerators are by nature energy hungry appliances – don’t feed them.
  • Save more money by replacing old – in excess of 10 years – appliances with rated energy-efficient ones. The washer, the dryer, the refrigerator – these all fit the bill.

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