When you opt for creative recycling ideas and unique designs, you can store and preserve your things from moist, rust and other damaging effects. Small storage ideas can make a huge difference in your home as it adds more space, your pocket as it also helps you save up on money and the environment as you incorporate recycling methods in your home.Green Storage Solutions

Green Storage Solution #1 – Recycle Old Boxes For Anything And Everything

Most of us have an array of old boxes at home meant to be thrown out. However, the best way to get rid of piles of old boxes is to recycle them into functional home pieces. Not only is it affordable to recycle boxes, but there are also various ways to recycle them. As there are different types of boxes available to you, simply let your creative juices flow and create something useful.

  • A colorful box holder for paper plates and napkin based on party themes
  • A recycling bin for dry waste products so you can keep using the box bin
  • A magazine holder using cereal boxes
  • Organizers for food products and condiments

Green Storage Solution #2- Storage Bins For Your Children’s Room

Your children’s room must be filled with bright colors, positive energy and creative designs, despite the piles of toys, books and mess in it. If you have younger children, the bright bold colors will be beneficial to their development. By simply using any ordinary dull looking storage bins, you can add life to their room without having to spend a fortune.

All you need are –

  • Storage bins made from any ordinary fabric
  • Colorful left over materials
  • Wooden frames
  • Staple and hot glue gun
  • Wood plaque
  • Colored scrapbook paper
  • Wooden plaque

What You Have To Do –

Staple the leftover materials to the wood frame using a staple gun. Then stick it to the fabric storage bins using the hot glue gun. Be creative and apply your desired design on it. There are so many ways for you to create storage spaces using recycling methods. Click here to learn more about storage solutions and DIY home storage creative ideas.

Green Storage Solution #3 – Aluminum And Tin Cans For Home Decor

If you will be throwing a party at home, you must have unique home decor and accessories. By reusing tin cans, jars and aluminum containers, you can create party centerpieces and other home decor. All you need to do is cover these containers with decorative paper or painting them. In fact, you can also wrap paper to cover old boxes cut in proportion to the candy buffet table, or embellish jars with ribbons and raffia.

You can also create –

  • Food can centerpieces using cans of old brand beverages
  • Can tea lights holder using favorite soda can
  • Food can storage containers using food cans that have been painted to store school items
  • Tin pincushion using small tins
  • Craft supply tin containers covered with scrapbook papers to store school supplies.
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Valerie East is a mother of four and a freelance writer specializing in home and office improvement and storage topics. She offers tips on various DIY home projects, the latest organizing apps and how you can save up on storage space and costs.

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