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In summer it’s nice to spend as much time in the garden as possible. You better start getting ready because that time is going to come around quicker than you think. It’s not just about getting out of the house so you can catch some sun. One of the most important reasons to go into the garden is to relax. It’s your one chance in the entire year where you can relax in the fresh air without starting to shiver as soon as you take off your cardigan.

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All of that sounds great, but most peoples’ gardens aren’t designed to be a place of relaxation. Instead, you might just have a lump of grass that sits outside your home. It’s not exactly the type of place you’d get excited about relaxing in. That can all change and it requires you to make some small tweaks to your garden. The reason we’re talking about it now is because you still have a few months to get everything ready before the sun is here and you’re too late.

Get a hammock

Your hammock will become the best thing you have ever purchased in your life. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried to erect some kind of roof over the top of it so you could sleep outside. When you need somewhere to go and chill out there is no place better than a hammock. If you don’t have two trees or poles close to each other you have no need to panic because you can easily buy a stand to go with it. It’s something anyone can set up in their garden.

Some running water

Everyone knows the best place in the world to sit in a hammock is the beach because the sounds of the waves can send you to sleep. Unless you live near a beach you don’t have that luxury so you’ll have to come up with your own way to listen to the sound of running water. Don’t think leaving the hose on will do you any good. You need to build a small pond and have one of those cute little garden ornaments that shoot’s water from its mouth.

Relax in the garden, Relaxing In The Garden

Relax in the garden, Relaxing In The Garden—foilman (

Plant nice flowers

People say nature is the most amazing thing in the world. You might personally think it’s your mobile phone, but I’m sure you can still appreciate walking through the forest and being surrounded by trees and flowers. You can have the same look inside your garden and you just need to buy some lovely flowers from the garden center. If you did want to go one step further and plant some trees it’s possible if you have enough room.

Build a higher fence

This only applies if your fence is small because you need something that nobody can see over the top of. When you want to relax the last thing you want is an uncomfortable feeling because everyone is looking at you as they walk past. I don’t know what you’re like and maybe the attention could be exciting, but for most people their garden sanctuary will be ruined if they have to share it with hundreds of other strangers’ eyes.

Get some lighting

When you have lights in your garden it makes the place look beautiful as soon as the sun has disappeared. This is especially true if you have colored lenses on them and they are sat in between your flowers. The sun usually goes down long before it starts to get really cold and if you have lights on it means you don’t have to go inside. As an added benefit you will feel more relaxed because of how nice your garden looks.

Cleo Hal is a successful landscape architect. Nothing impresses him more then a well groomed garden. He enjoys painting as much as he loves gardening. According to him invention of lawn mowers is the greatest gift to mankind. He urges his readers to take up gardening as a hobby as it is very relaxing.

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