Can We Be Safe From Power Plants? Questions For Go Green Enthusiasts!

As the world population rises and more and more countries bootstrap themselves up the industrial ladder, the global demand for energy increases in step with these factors. First world and even second world lifestyles demand an increasing amount of energy that must come from somewhere. This in turn increases the carbon footprint of humanity upon the planet. How can we as a species balance the rising needs of an ever-growing populace with the increasingly fragile environment that we call home? Are there any go green solutions?Can we find safe power plants?

Our Current Dilemma

When the Industrial Revolution began in Western Europe and North America, little thought was given to preserving the environment. Forests were cut down, fuel sources were mined from the earth, and very few people gave a second thought as to the consequences of these actions. Thankfully though, as our technology has developed and we have advanced as a people, the environmental consequences of our actions are very much at the forefront of our collective consciousness. Power plants are traditionally where electricity is generated and then parceled out from there to the organizations and people that need it. There are many different types of power plants from coal to nuclear to geothermal and other renewable energy sources. Any type of power generation will have an effect on the environment. To think otherwise is naive. The idea though is to minimize the effect that these various methods of power generation have on the environment through development of new technologies and new techniques for generating said power. This is not just an issue for go green enthusiasts.

Increased Energy Efficiency Can Help

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways to reduce the environmental impact of a given power source. For instance, by increasing the efficiency of a coal power plant by only 1 percent, a corresponding decrease of 2 to 3 percent in CO2 emissions is achieved. That kind of efficiency improvement is due to improved technologies and refined techniques for removing mineral and chemical material that is naturally mixed with coal when it is extracted from the ground. The last 40 years of coal use has seen a staggering 88 percent reduction in the amount of nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter emissions associated with the burning of coal for electrical power.Go green solutions & power plants

Improved Technologies Are Decreasing the Impact that Power Plants Have on the Environment

These “clean coal technologies” are the key to reducing the impact our actions have on our environment. As newly industrializing countries begin to tap into their natural coal reserves to generate power, we need to make sure they are doing so in a way that minimizes the impact to the environment that comes from generating power to serve our needs. The companies supplying the equipment that our power plants use are at the forefront of this movement. By using efficient technology and improved techniques for generating power, harmful emissions will be reduced and humanity will be able to make better use of this planet’s resources. Using the power that these power plants create to develop new and better technologies to preserve the environment is one of the best ways we can utilize our planet’s resources. After all, our planet has taken care of us until now; don’t we have an obligation to return the favor?

Nicole is fascinated by the green energy movement, and loves learning about anything to do with clean power and energy, from the safest energy options, to the most green heat exchangers.

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