Simple Green Tips – Big Difference To Your Environmental Credentials

Going green is easier than you think, try to incorporate these simple tips into your every day life:

Going green, Go Green

Going green, Go Green—Journalistic Compositions (

If you haven’t already, replace all your bulbs with energy efficient ones.

Energy saving light bulbs have come down in price recently and improved in quality. They can cost the same as a regular bulb these days. They can save you around £9 on your annual electricity bill and up to £100 over its lifetime; plus they last 10-15 times longer.

Knock down your thermostat by a couple of degrees

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Turning down the thermostat is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can save money. If you feel cold, simply put on a sweater. It’s much cheaper to heat you than the entire house!

Don’t leave your consumer electronics in standby

We all do it, it’s convenient, but strangely, leaving your TV, DVD player, video, stereo or any other consumer electronics can use nearly as much power as having it on. Simply turn it off at the wall to make savings on your energy bill. Alternatively, there are new power strips now that will do it for you

If you have to use the car, slow down and car share.

Of course the simplest way to save on your travel costs is to cut out unnecessary journeys, or use alternative forms of transport such as walking or cycling. Taking public transport can also reduce your carbon footprint however these forms of transport are not always convenient. If you must drive, slowing down to around 60MPH, making sure your tyres are inflated properly and making sure your car is serviced regularly can reduce your fuel consumption dramatically. Sharing your journey with someone else can reduce the carbon footprint of the journey and can make a big difference when the costs are shared between 2 or more.

End your dependency on paper

Cutting paper usage can save you money as well as helping to save the environment. If you really need a printed copy, print on both sides and in “draft” mode. Switch to paperless billing, most companies offer it and give you a discount for using it. Most magazines and papers have electronic versions available on their websites for free and available for tablets and e-readers. Register with MPS to cut out unwanted junk mail. At work, installing a document management solution will save money and space. Remember, recycle, reuse, reduce!

Take showers instead of baths

We all enjoy a relax in the bath but for every day bathing, you can’t beat a shower. Showers use substantially less water than baths and if you have a modern combi boiler, you’re only paying to heat the water you use. Switching can make a big difference to both your energy bill and your water bill so take a shower and keep baths to a minimum.

Going Green, Recycling Design Lamp

Recycle green, Recycling Design Lamp—Jelinjer (

Keep your old mobile phone, computers and electronics as long as possible

Do you really need the latest consumer electronics or will your iPhone 3G do you for another year. Buying the latest electronics (which often can just be a cosmetic change) is leading to a big build up of consumer electronics waste. Keep your old dvd player out the trash for another year.

Recycle your old mobile phone for cash rather than binning it.

Mobile phone recycling companies are all over the adverts these days and a lot of them can give you some cash for your old mobile. Simply send it in for a payment. If your phone is old, it might not be much, but at least you’ve kept it out the trash. If your phone is newer or more valuable, you’ll get more money selling it on eBay.

Don’t buy bottled water

Bottled water is expensive and you can get it out of the tap for almost free and you probably can’t taste the difference. When out, simply take a refillable bottle with you to save buying it.

Use your washing line

Solar and wind power is free and one of the simplest ways to use it is to use an age old washing line and lets be honest, clothes that have been line dried always smell better than those thrown in the dryer and throwing clothes in the dryer, whilst convenient can cost a lot of money.

Wear clothes that don’t need dry cleaning

Dry cleaning costs a lot of money, and it uses harsh chemicals. Try to avoid buying clothes that need dry cleaning and go for washer friendly options (which of course you wash on cold) instead.

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