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Phillip Island Nature Park are doing all they can to protect their inhabitants of the world’s smallest penguins. The small penguins are currently one of the most popular tourist attractions in Victoria, Melbourne. They attract around half a million tourists each and every year and are responsible for increasing the state’s economy by approximately $100 million on an annual basis.

How Will GIS Technology Be Used

The Nature Park has teamed up with Esri Australia, the foremost location intelligence specialists in Australia, to map the small penguins and find out more about them. This will be achieved through the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. This will involve using state of the art mapping technology, which in turn will allow this species of penguin to be closely studied.

The use of mapping technology will allow interactive maps to be generated, thus allowing researchers to look into certain patterns or relationships that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Specifically, the small penguins’ habitats will be researched – why do they choose a certain location to burrow? Are there exact areas they prefer to breed and rear their young? Where are their predators located?

Reproduced Visual Format for Accurate & Extensive Information

Geographic Information Technology is typically used to present an extremely large volume of information in the easiest way possible. This generally means a visual format will be reproduced, which provides very extensive and indeed accurate information. The technology will specifically be used to see the exact threats the small penguins are facing, thus allowing for a clear and full-proof plan to be devised to help the population continue to prosper and progress.

The GIS will gather data about how the penguins burrow in relation to where predators can be found. It will also discover their favourite type of vegetation, as well as the classes of soil they prefer. This will then be visually represented over a map and allow researchers to understand this species far better.

Indication of the Ecosystem in General

Penguins in general are also a great indicator of how the aquatic ecosystem is surviving. They will help researchers to understand how good the local fish stocks are and the quality of the surrounding water. In fact, this type of study of small penguins can help to improve the environment as a whole.
GIS technology has typically been used by huge commercial corporations and by certain government departments. However, their use in conservation matters has dramatically increased in the past few years. The use of this technology on Phillip Island is critical in helping the small penguins survive. GIS will help researchers to understand the main threats the penguins face, thus ensuring that future generations can be protected.

The study will be completed by 2014 and is the first of its kind in the area in over 30 years. Although the population of penguins has steadily increased they still face threats on the land from general human development, cars and traffic, foxes and dogs – whereas in the sea their main threat comes from predators higher up the food chain, climate changes and oil spills.

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