Energy Conservation: Saving Water In The Home

Energy saving is a buzzword for the politicians and we are all encouraged to save it in the home. Both the environment and our wallets will feel the benefit of this change but so many of us fail to do it. The reason for this is quantification, we find it extremely difficult to work out and accept what the benefits in the future will be.Save water in the home

It doesn’t really affect us now apart from the money saved- so what is the point. Many people would genuinely rather pay the bills and that is fair enough.

Those who are progressively minded need to be educated by both the national and local government as well as the energy companies as to the damage we are causing and the money that can be saved on our bills from just a little conservation.

This article will highlight the three simplest ways to save water in the home and thus reduce the damage to the environment and save money.


If you are looking to save water in the home then the best way is to initially invest some money in water saving tools around the home. Agua Flux offers Faucets and low pressure shower heads that helps to reduce the amount of water wasted when you shower. One of the main water wasters is the shower and we are all extremely inefficient with the amount of water we use.

With the implementation of these two little devices we can shower in the same way but simultaneously save water as we are doing it. Sounds good doesn’t it? Showering is a great part of our day and we shouldn’t sacrifice the length in order to save water, many of us work hard and look forward to a shower at the end of the day to remove the stresses of the day just passed.

That’s why I’m suggesting no sacrifice but just to spend a little bit of money. It will save you the money you desire and still allow you take that beautiful shower every evening.

Have Rules

This is important, have some house rules and stick by them. Ensure that you don’t shower for longer than 10 minutes no matter what, don’t flush the toilet after every wee and only boil the kettle enough as to fill a mug of tea or coffee. These are just three simple examples that can help you save a lot of money in the home by reducing your water wastage.

It is pretty much common sense; just don’t be wasteful with the amount of water you use. Another example is when you brush your teeth, don’t leave the tap running, oh and never take baths, they waste a lot of water.

Change your Mindset

A change in mindset is what is needed; I believe this has to start with your parents or you personally if you are parents. If we start to value the rarity of water and the importance to our health I guarantee we will start taking more care over the amount we use and also waste.

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